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What treatment does a back pain clinic do?

back pain

When the back is rigid, it feels on the upper back, lower back, neck and sometimes the tailbone. All people experience this type of pain, and there may be many problems that will trigger this pain. Most of the time, the pain will disappear after a day or two, maybe even a week later.

But when the pain persists or becomes more intense, it may be time to get medical care. Most people first make an appointment with their GP. The patient will be examined, asked questions and taken x-rays.

Once they have been determined on which pain and what is their cause, they prescribe drugs against pain. However, when this does not cause the patient, the doctor may refer to a pain clinic.

The goal: find the problem

Before a doctor can cure a back pain, you have to know where the pain is and what causes the pain. In the pain clinic, several professionals are assigned to a patient. Each of them focus on the pain and try to discover if there are underlying problems that cause back pain. In a system like this, treating these types of conditions with the musculoskeletal system and each will focus on different pains.

They will begin by eliminating things that can cause pain, such as poor posture, and injury or muscle stress. The most common cause of back pain are fractures, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis and spondylolésistance.

If one of these causes is determined, due to back pain, the pain clinic team will determine which team member is best suited to assist the patient. It may be advisable that the patient works with one or more specialists depending on the type of pain, sadness and pain.

There are variety treatments available at a facility like this that heals the pain and helps relieve pain for the patient. The most common treatments for back pain are and some are not listed here:

Heat treatment

For chronic back pain, which is gentle, a pain doctor may recommend the use of warm compresses. This is something you can do at home once you have received instructions from the pain clinic staff.

therapeutic massage

For a patient who has had back problems for a long time, the pain clinic team can recommend massage therapy with a therapist there.


When the pain became uncontrollable and your daily activities can not be carried out, the pain clinic team may recommend physical therapy. The specialist will be responsible for many exercises that will do at home, all to improve muscle performance.

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