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What is the frequency of nickel allergy?

It is the most common form of allergy after poison ivy. This is common among us, regardless of age and sex, but it is quite evident among women. You are a victim of yourself for mystery rashes, if your earrings earlobes that itch, leaves your neck rash around his neck.

Nickel is a beautiful silver-white metal, widely used in jewelry, pending messages, watch bands, eyeglass frames, pins, brooches, buttons, zippers, etc. People who have it show the reaction and the itching develops both in nickel and nickel-containing items in the exhibition. Some people suffer from allergies, but are not aware of the situation, sometimes it becomes severe. Readers! I always suggest taking care of yourself and pay attention to all the problems you encounter in your life.

Symptoms of nickel allergy:

Symptoms of nickel allergy are very similar to other forms of allergy, and occur between 6 to 24 hours. These symptoms include redness, itching, followed by blisters. Thesis blisters eventually burst leaving behind leather and cracked skin.

Tests for allergies to nickel:

If you think you may have allergic symptoms after exposure to metallic elements, go to a dermatologist who will perform skin tests to find a nickel allergy. In this test, doctors use hypoallergenic tape and apply small amounts of allergens is to find the reaction within 48 hours.

Prevention of nickel allergy:

It is undesirable condition last prevention needs in this regard.

* You must use stainless steel hardware in the nose and ear piercing.

* You must wear jewelry made of material covered in plastic or plastic.

* You must wear jewelry of gold or silver.

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