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What is an independent medical examination or IME?

An independent medical examination or “EMI” is an assessment of a person’s injury or medical condition by a doctor who has no prior relationship with the patient. Independent medical examinations are often associated with accidents or injuries related to liability concerns. Sometimes third party assessment may be required to pay or insurance purposes workers.

Often an independent medical examination (IME) will be requested by an employer or insurance when a claim for damages by an employee in a matter of legitimacy. The doctor performing the evaluation is to conduct a thorough assessment, and ultimately provide an overview of the extent of the lesion in question is the work or related accident. An assessment of the injury of a person must be as complete and objective as possible by a qualified, to give an unbiased and professional medical evaluation.

5 questions to consider when a doctor is looking for an independent medical evaluation

When choosing a doctor to perform an IME is important to find a doctor who is able to provide a complete and accurate assessment. Here are some useful questions to consider when a doctor is looking for this particular type of evaluation:

Does Life Experience The necessary medical doctor? A certificate or medical advice Dual Card is a professional who has been evaluated in the scope of its powers, completing written comments and oral practices demonstrate mastery of a specified field. A licensed medical board has the knowledge and skills to conduct independent medical examinations at the highest professional level.

How current is the knowledge and experience of the doctor? When considering a doctor to perform an independent medical examination, it is advantageous to be examined by a doctor who is current with the latest information and medical practices. A doctor who has retired or out of practice for a while may not be as able to provide the most comprehensive and informed a person or health status subjective injury. Choosing a doctor who is still active practice medicine may be beneficial in the search for an IME.

Does the doctor have a sound professional reputation? Because independent medical examinations must be impartial and objective in order to give a fair report of injury involved, the physician performing the evaluation must be well known in the medical community in general practice with the highest level of integrity and ethical standards.

What previous experience do not have with the doctor performing the independent medical examination (IME)? A doctor may be able to make an IME, but does not guarantee that he or she will be able to give the best possible value. To receive the best professional opinion, it is advisable to choose a doctor who specializes in this type of evaluation and has years of experience in the evaluation of a variety of objective and comprehensive injury.

How long does it take for an appointment for evaluation? If you need an independent medical examination, it is likely that time is very important. Some doctors may have a long wait for a review, while others may offer scheduling priority for those seeking EMI.

An independent medical examination must be performed by a doctor can give an objective, not partial medical advice by implementing best practices. Although many doctors to choose from, finding a highly qualified physician who prioritizes independent medical examinations that can provide only the information you need in a timely and professional manner.

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