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What are the symptoms and stages of a brain tumor?

Recent research in the field of medicine, it is clear that many patients suffering from the painful condition of brain tumor. It is a disease that took many lives and much effort to survive this syndrome harmful. To heal, many neurologists have been successful in combating this disease, but there is much to be done to meet this challenge. And for this reason, experts in the treatment of cancer and radiotherapy have decided to participate in the fight against cancer.

Brain tumor is a very harmful and dangerous. This results in the patient’s death if not controlled at an early stage. By reading this article you will learn more about brain tumor, symptoms and treatment. This information will be useful if you have the same condition.


There are several symptoms of brain tumor, which describes the neurologist. Among them, the most common symptoms are headaches, nausea, hearing problems, vision misperception, vision problems, and sometimes behavioral problems in the operation.


Regular headaches are common in a patient with a brain tumor. These are regular and frequent, and can occur at any time. When the headaches are in the primary stage, which can be prevented, but when the disease enters a severe stage, which are unstoppable and can even take the life of the patient. Well, it can be and can be a sign of a brain tumor completely. If the patient is receiving constant headaches, then you can be a sign, but the board experienced physician to see if it is really a symptom of the disease or not.

Nausea and vomiting:

These symptoms are sometimes rare and sometimes frequent in the patient. Nausea and vomiting may be an intermediate stage of brain tumor symptoms, but for confirmation, the patient should consult a neurologist. With the latest research, experts say there are 22 patients in every hundred is called nausea is a symptom of brain tumor.

Hearing loss and vision:

In the last report, there are patients who had a 25% loss of hearing and vision. But it is a true sign of a brain tumor. Sometimes the trend depends on the patient as to what kind of symptoms, he or she is a carrier of the disease.

Steps to follow:

Step 1:

This is a very early stage of tumor in the brain where cells are not in good shape and does not even begin to multiply. The remedy is easy at this stage that the cells can be separated easily from the brain through surgery.

Step 2:

This is a stage in the active cell in a form of slow growth. This step requires immediate surgery if there is a risk for the disease to enter its third phase, which is more dangerous and risky,

Step 3:

This step is responsible for the cells detach. They begin to grow faster and requires serious attention if the patient recovered.

Step 4:

This step is the end of every stage, where sanitation is very difficult because tumor cells have populated the whole brain section. This step is very difficult to cure, but can be cured if performed emergency surgery. Most patients die of brain tumor in this last step as many times that the operation does not eliminate the disease. That’s why the advice of many neurologists to treat patients in the first step to stop the spread of the disease.

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