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Treatment of arthritis and treatment without medication

Arthritis pain is debilitating when not handled properly. The disease is caused by grouting synovial fluid leaking from the back of a membrane as a result of injury. This is a straw colored liquid reduces the friction between the articular cartilage of synovial joints during movement. It is usually contained in joint cavities, but crystallization of the viscous fluid can normally prevent movement of the joint and thus cause pain inflammation.

This is a very simple and basic explanation without medical jargon that many can not understand. What we do here is simply to clarify the cause of the pain of arthritis. The joints typically have a yellowish color, while pain is caused by the fluid itself. Inflammation of the area greatly increases the pain.

Patients usually anti-inflammatory to help reduce stress drugs are prescribed, but the diet should be a major concern, as it has much to do with it. Foods that cause inflammation are things like milk, refined flour (used in cakes, muffins, pancakes, bread, etc.), starch, such as blanks and cornmeal, and a lot of other stuff. The avoidance of anything that contains starch or flour should be avoided.

Exercise is also vital to keep joints mobile. Walking and running are preferred forms of exercise, but gardening and anything that gets the body moving is good. For the elderly, it can not increase supported in a chair and spreads pushing members, keeping the back of the chair or leaning against a wall.

The old adage “use it or lose it” it is good to remember that when the seal is attached being stuck closed, it is difficult for them to move again.

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