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Therefore, you want 20-20 vision? eye exercises incredibly easy to help your dry eyes

One thing you can do is break your computer activity, go to the gym and exercise. This can certainly relax and remove stress from all that work on the computer. You are not a spectator gym, do something else, go shopping, sit in the garden, but nothing to take this break. It is very important to take a break.
Making a difficult job for 8 hours and physical cons to a computer 8 hours showed me that the team is more tiring and stressful. Simply do not realize and spend more time on one screen, not realizing it.
Take regular breaks of 5 minutes for a glass of water or a cup of tea a day breaking up. Go just a short walk you too, there is nothing better than fresh air revitalize and give your eyes a boost and prevent common problems such as eyestrain and dry eye.
Get a half hour of daily exercise (even walking) usually contributes to dry eyes and your whole body!
A little exercise you can do is the “20/20” rule – every 20 minutes, seek six meters for twenty seconds helps keep eyes, moisture and relieve the symptoms of dry eyes ..
Owning a pet is a great way to avoid focusing on the job. Whether a dog wants to go for a walk or a cat who wants to sleep on the keyboard, you still keep an eye on them!
It’s good to stretch the eyes and the eyes to close my eyes and tighten the muscles of the eye inward, which draws more blood and energy in his eyes. Sometimes stop working for 30 seconds to a minute and close your eyes and gently rub your fingers over them.
Get up from your desk every hour and a splash of cold water eyes. Immediately after this photo of the palms of the hands to warm them and place them over your eyes. It really works!
There is much information available about how to configure your workstation to avoid eyestrain and other health problems. Learn everything you can about it and take the necessary measures will not be disappointed.

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