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The survival rates of brain cancer – Know your options

Known for being one of the most incurable cancer, the survival rate of brain cancer can not be something that a patient really wants to hear. Various medical sources say different results depending on the different aspects to consider, but one thing remains true today – the rate of brain cancer survival for most patients the disease is quite low.

The average life expectancy of patients with this cancer is approximately 1-2 years after diagnosis confirmed. The main reasons attributed to the low survival rate is the nature of the disease and no known cure. This cancer affects the most vital part of the human body – the nervous system. Cancer cells proliferate rapidly in the brain at a rate that is dangerously fast that the rate of proliferation of other types of cancer, so cancer can easily infect the entire nervous system in a short period of time.

Within five years, 1 in 5 people suffering from brain cancer in the world is still alive. This means that regardless of the stage, those who suffer from this type of cancer has an overall survival rate of 20%.

In the United States, brain cancer is more common in Caucasians and compared with their U.S. counterparts in Africa (with a survival rate of 38%), white men and women are less likely to survive until “Five years from 32-33%.

Wait until the cancer is dangerous in the early stages. Even with appropriate treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, survival rates of brain cancer in early stages is 55-60%. For a cancer patient, it may be a little sad because it is. But keep in mind these rates are only for statistical purposes and for your doctor, but should not be an accurate basis for predicting the life of a patient.

Such as cancer of the product to its final stage, the chances of survival can be significantly reduced, and when the cancer begins to eat other organs in the body, hope is not enough to keep the patient time. The survival rate of brain cancer may also be based on a person’s age. Children with this type of cancer increased survival rate of 73%. This percentage increases to 50% of patients in the 15-33 years. And as age increases, the chances of survival so low. The main cause is the inability of older people to fight cancer or to survive the intense treatment regimen.

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