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The skin – an important ingredient in your daily facial

What is wrong today? Antioxidants? Firming ingredients in your moisturizer for day time? Vitamins and minerals? Or maybe something that has been a beauty secret for centuries famous expensive … no?
Much has been said and written about all the ingredients that are supposed to effectively suppress or hide all sorts of unwanted signals, lines and discoloration of the face, hands and body. New powerful ingredients discovered and rediscovered every day. Consequently, the care industry is booming beauty (in our pockets!). And you’re lucky if you manage to find the product that your skin loves.
Whatever your job search is perfect potion, I’m not trying to quit. I sincerely hope you find one and really enjoy it until you find a replacement. However, there is an ingredient in our routine daily care of skin that is too often ignored or forgotten. Moreover, in my opinion is much more important than most people think. Moreover, the best things in life are free.
Take care and appreciate – not the torture of the skin while cleansing, hydrating serums and enforcement (or other product). Slip on the skin as thin as butterfly wings, and gently dab lightly.
Use the tip of the fingers (ring finger around the eyes) instead of palms. The advantages are obvious: the transformation of his face is much more tender that way and no loss of product in their hands.
Also, avoid stretching, pushing and pushing too hard. Your skin will thank you!
While ensuring that you do, express love and care of your face. Thus, there is a possibility that will not run to buy more products unique beauty of each new market. Instead, you can wear around your happy face and bright magic.

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