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The original natural: on Afro

The natural movement of the hair was a breath of fresh air. He stirred up the spirit of people of color here in America we have not seen since the 60s, when competed wore afros symbolized something important. They represented a disdain for the status quo that has refused to accept whether or not assimilated. They symbolize the desire to find an attachment to the land and culture that many of them could not remember the words and pictures in a book. These afros are a step in the direction to rediscover their “blackness”.

Now, I do not propose naively that our struggle for freedom natural hair has earned, not yet, but in the last decade, in particular, we have come a long way to get respect from the hairs of our African roots blessed us with . One of the biggest contributing factors were the afros. They were revolutionaries and laid a foundation that allows our folded, curls, waves and locomotives to move freely. But as the story goes, we tend to forget the little things that help us in our searches and it hurts me to see many of us in the community of hair naturally turn our nose to good last African fashion.

I see the twist outs, coils and cons of the rod and consider our company drooling over them, asking to determining whether imitate his style of their personal hair texture. And then I see a sister or brother proud of its African and hear well-meaning souls ask what they plan to “do” with her hair.

Styles come and go, fashion comes and goes and tastes change, but the use of an Afro seems to have the same effect on people, whether black or white as 50 years ago. We must remember that not only the general public, the media and whites controlled marking style, poorly maintained and activist wild afro hair, we have been guilty of doing for us. In a clear case of self-preservation, many of our people punished those who said no to the devil’s lie and chose to wear their hair as nature intended. The desire to conform is not new, but can be dangerous if you start to lose touch with who you are. The same is in the process of sweating in the natural hair community today. Accept natural hair, as has been completed, make layer. We love your natural hair as it is gentle, not wild. We love black people, provided they are not too dark …

This separation is as dangerous as poor rich / syndrome skinned black black black black dark skin vs vs play at home. Everything is designed to drive a wedge into something that can be so beautiful. The closer we come to the realization and acceptance of our God given natural beauty that radiated to us from the dawn of time, closer we get to our promise of greatness. The division is the place of black people back for hundreds of years. How fitting it would be if something like “simple” as an African, could we turn the same way he did another generation.

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