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The many benefits of Botox – Medical and cosmetics

Tabloids and magazines sometimes write negative articles about Botox tend to criticize and ridicule celebrities to enjoy Botox and overdoing it with cosmetic treatments, while Botox is actually one of the least invasive procedures available. Supply and demand has increased so much in the last decade that Botox has quickly become an affordable luxury, even for ordinary people who want to look younger “ten years”.

There are many benefits of Botox, which prevents the muscles to contract, causing wrinkles relax and soften or by blocking the influx of selected nerves. So if it is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or to use as a treatment for medical conditions, the advantages of using this safe scientific innovation and commonly used are many.

The many uses of Botox

Anti-aging – Trying to look younger and younger is the most popular reason Botox injections are conducted daily by trained health professionals. It is one of the best non-surgical options to prevent wrinkles. Being able to walk into a clinic and receive treatment that reduces the highly visible problems such as crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and lips, is nothing less than a miracle. Botox the appearance of aging slows down in the face and helps tighten and lift the skin too. Today, people are much more acceptable than cosmetic improvements and no longer feel the need to keep secrets. The use of Botox as a non-surgical facelift can take years for the appearance of the face when used properly and this option is ideal for people who just want a slight increase, no dramatic change in invasive surgery.

The murderer Migraine – Botox has been approved specifically for the treatment of chronic migraine, which is thought to work because of the effects of nerve block. Relaxes muscles and blocks the sensory nerves that send pain messages to the brain, which makes them less susceptible to an attack of pain. Unfortunately, it has not been proven effective for other types of headaches. Statistics show that more than 6 million people in the UK are affected by migraine, so for those who have particularly debilitating migraine attacks, this is great news. Reports show that people who get injections of Botox for chronic migraines found cases of headaches fall by at least half, sometimes more, and headaches are less severe.

Overactive bladder – Overactive bladder occurs when the bladder contracts more than necessary, even when the bladder is not full. Specific symptoms include a strong urge to urinate leaking or wetting accidents, urgent need to urinate immediately, and frequent urination. Urinary incontinence does not occur with the previous generation, which can occur in people of all ages. The use of Botox can reduce and sometimes end symptoms of overactive bladder. Botox helps to paralyze the muscle around the bladder, which prevents contractions occur if the urgency of passing the water is greatly reduced.

Prostate Shrinker – Studies show that men with enlarged prostate can get relief from Botox. When injected into the enlarged prostate gland can actually bring relief as it works by reducing the gland, reducing the painful effects of an enlarged prostate. Also problems such as urinary tract infections and the need to urinate frequently have improved considerably.

muscle spasms and disorders – Botox is ideal for muscle spasms, especially on the face, neck and eyelids. It is injected into the muscles to prevent the function and abnormal muscle spasm in conditions causing excessive nerve stimulation. Reduces spasms to stop transmission between muscle fibers and nerve endings. Injections can also help symptoms of muscle response disorders such as cerebral palsy, stroke or spinal cord injury.

excessive sweating – also known as hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating can affect many parts of the body. Any body part can be affected, but the armpits, hands, feet and groin are the most typical areas of excessive sweating due to the higher concentration of sweat glands. The treatment works effectively turning off the body sweat glands by blocking the secretion of chemical transmitters that stimulate the sweat glands, which essentially freezes. Botox is injected into the tissues of the problem area, which can give six to eight months of perspiration terrain.

The use of Botox for these conditions are prescribed and conducted by registered doctors, but for cosmetic purposes, can be purchased and injected by anyone. Doctors, dentists, beauticians, etc., are advertising botox treatments in magazines and on the Internet, so care must be taken always choose a qualified and experienced cosmetic procedures specialist.

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