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The liposomal delivery system of nutrients

As technology advances creative to find ways to improve to absorb nutrients in the human body people. The new technology that is accessible to all and can be consumed in the home is the liposomal technology. This technology is necessary because , as a society, we do not eat properly in the first place and when you do not eat properly , offsetting most of us and can cause illness.

Almost every disease is caused due to the way we eat . It even has the diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Our bodies were designed to be able to cope with most viruses and bacteria our immune system. However, when our immune system is compromised , can cause everything from colds and flu to cancer. For example , nutrients in foods have the ability to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation . Certain foods and herbs are also fungal and anti viral against allowing the immune system to treat these little troublemakers system as well. Nail one of my favorites, has all these powers and more. Cloves are also the highest rated antioxidants available . So just seasoning has a multitude of healing properties. This is also true of vitamin C , which brings us back to the liposomal delivery.

Vitamin C has always given to patients by doctors and other health professionals who use the methods directly or IV injection. Both require a needle ( ouch ) and a costly medical stay. Now, with the method of liposomal delivery may ignore the plans and take the nutrients and vitamins by mouth at home. The main problem with vitamin C and many others is that when stuck in a kind of supplement form, it does not absorb well . Vitamic C was meant to be taken in foods that is highly absorbable . Is not nature grand? So now with liposomes, you can get a 360 % or better absorption of nutrients using the method of liposomal and in most of the least expensive per gram comes as a regular tablet or capsule cases.

Liposomal simple process to reduce the size of the molecules of nutrients leads to nanoparticles terms . ( The official title of these particles are vesicles or liposomes. ) Research has shown that the particle size of between 100 nanometers and 400 nano meters is ideal. If they are smaller and do not have enough nutrients if large, will not absorb or absorb too bad. The formula must also have ( PC ) to form liposomes of phosphatidylcholine . If all that is not in the right proportions , liposomes are not true and therefore are not effective.

Not all forms of liposomes are the same . Many manufacturers call their vitamin C , for example, liposomal vitamin C , when in fact it is not. Even a doctor found that his false claims. That’s why people who are actual nutrients liposomes SEM ( Scanning Electron Microscope ) images showing the size and training of their liposome. So make sure you take liposomal is before paying the price rose. If not absorbed well then you are wasting your money. Liposomes Other nutrients are vitamin B – 12 curcumin, resveratrol, Omega 3 and glutathione.

Dan Keating is a health researcher and author who focuses on teaching the importance of eating well and how they can cure ailments and diseases using natural resources such as food , herbs , spices and whole food supplements .

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