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The dental hygiene awareness

Ironically, the month of Halloween, a festival that usually about candy, is also the Dental Hygiene Month (NDHM). October marks of several events in Dental Hygiene to be held throughout the country. This annual collaboration began to help raise awareness in oral health preventive care and educate the public about the important objectives for dental hygienists work and its role in preventive care. Its impact extends far to the creator of Orbit gum and many others, WM. Wrigley Jr. Company, has joined forces with the American Association of Dental Hygienists (ADHA) to NDHM this year. Together they are the projection of the dental health of the nation.

To help you review oral hygiene, the ADHA offers some simple tips to keep your mouth clean and happy

Twice a day for at least two minutes brushing
Flossing every day
Rinse mouthwash Journal

Also, the ADHA recommends chewing sugarless gum after meals to aid in the prevention of tartar. The campaign theme this year is just as easy. The motto of the ADHA is: “It’s simple healthy habits for a healthy smile ..” The organization boasts that the events of this year will exceed last year’s Month National Dental Hygiene focusing on the issues in depth and awareness of oral disease and prevention. The collaboration also includes education about the importance of dental hygiene in the fight against oral disease and its contribution to the key techniques in oral hygiene.

NDHM committed to educating the public on how to fit into a healthy routine dental hygiene for every lifestyle – no matter how busy. The site also provides comprehensive oral health assessment ADHA, as well as detailed instructions on brushing techniques and effective use. Learn how to prevent potential problems that arise, and help spread the word.

You can join the efforts to raise awareness about dental hygiene while promoting your brand at the same time. Find dozens of Dental Hygiene month printed products your customers will love and be reminded of your business at all times.

This October, not only buy candy in bulk to give the neighborhood kids on Halloween, giving them in October and their customers better “treatment.” Improve knowledge of dental hygiene awareness and prevention of oral diseases. Give your clients the boost they need to begin a routine oral health and how whiteness and want healthy mouth you need.

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