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The connection between intestinal health and inflammation


Some go like aging; Others suffer from ongoing health problems; However, there is a possibility that their chronic inflammation means something else: poor bowel health. It might look like we’re a scratched record, but it will never stop repeating, the gut has a huge impact on your overall well-being.

Your stomach is empty billions of live bacteria and yeast calls its microbiome. In fact, your gut is home to eighty percent of your immune system and is often called the second brain of the body. Meanwhile, the hormone’s weight-bearing state of genetics, falls under the control of the gut.

We all know what we eat affects our health, but many underestimate the connection between diet and inflammation. If you cut your finger or manage an autoimmune disease, whatever the necessary form, the inflammation is that your body is trying to heal.

Inflammation in overdrive.

However, even though it is the body’s natural response to an injury or illness, inflammation can become chronic and overcome to fight against a continuing imbalance or poor lifestyle. There are many changes you can do to start cultivating better gut health, read our best solutions below.

Permeable gut.

A possible cause of excessive inflammation can damage the intestinal mucosa. When the intestine begins to drip, undigested food particles can penetrate and lead to inflammation throughout the body. Eat clean and cut certain foods that we know are inflammatory to many people like gluten, sugar and alcohol can be a good starting point. If that does not work, an elimination diet could be the next step toward finding what triggers your system.


No matter the example of your eating habits, the healthy diet can not overcome excessive stress. Chronic stress is sabotaging your immune system and hinders the body’s ability to heal itself. To fight against daily stressors, try taking practices like yoga, meditation, nature or awareness.

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