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Syphilis bacteria – fighting today!

Sexually transmitted diseases are caused by bacteria or viruses. Not everyone knows the important information that can help prevent the onset of these diseases; There are different things that can be confusing and misleading. In the case of syphilis, the public should know that the disease can not be simply transmitted by casual contact or knobs speed doors, bathtubs, swimming pools, door handles, or sharing clothing used by an infected person. Spreads when syphilis bacteria are transmitted.

Syphilis, caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum, is actually a sexually transmitted disease that can be transmitted in a number of ways. The first is, of course, through sex. This includes vaginal, oral and anal sex. Syphilis bacteria can wreak havoc on one’s life as it causes various symptoms that are very annoying. The transmission of the results of the syphilis bacteria in the formation of an ulcer named canker. Although origin painless ulcer asked to develop rashes, sore throat, fever, headaches and hair loss, among other symptoms.

Unlike other STDs out there, syphilis has four stages. The first stage of syphilis involves formation of ulcers in 10 to 90 days after the transmission of syphilis bacteria, which are in fact spirochetes. They are spiral-worm-like organisms infect a person to deepen wet roads covered with mucous membranes of the genitals or mouth. The second stage of syphilis develops a few weeks after the first stage, which lasts about four to six weeks. At this stage, the skin rash caused by the disease does not itch and can not be too small in appearance to find. The third stage of syphilis is latent stage in which an infected person will use the syphilis bacteria for months or even years without showing any physical symptoms. The fourth step, which is the tertiary stage of syphilis is a systemic disease that is already causing various health problems. Each step has its own form of treatment recommended to combat syphilis bacteria.

The best way to fight bacteria in the first step is prevention, which can be done by serological tests. In 25% of cases, especially in women, the bacteria rarely get sick and die itself. If, however, syphilis develops successfully, the second, third and fourth stages require sustainable penicillin injections, especially penicillin regimens employing intramuscular procaine penicillin benzathine penicillin or use. There are also alternative treatments for patients with syphilis with penicillin allergy, including oral tetracycline and doxycycline. Ways to combat syphilis bacteria vary with the stage of disease, clinical manifestations and patient history.

The public should also be aware that they are infected with syphilis once does not mean automatic protection against repeated infections in the future. To protect against syphilis bacteria and the consequences for their health and brings syphilis, strongly recommended that the test be taken immediately is recommended. Being educated on this particular sexually transmitted disease syphilis and combat today.

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