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Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

Symptoms of ovarian cancer can appear months before the cancer. Unless a woman receives the tests reveal cancer often these symptoms usually diagnosed. That alone is one of the problems with detecting ovarian cancer at an early stage. The symptoms of ovarian cancer are often rejected due to the fact it can be quite benign.

Stomach bloating and digestive problems such which are common symptoms of the presence of ovarian cancer can be easily dismissed and ignored. Stomach problems are something everyone knows at different times in their lives. Ovarian cancer affects more than twenty-two thousand women each year in the US If you are caught in the early stages of this cancer is treatable as in many other cancers.

If detected at an early stage, before it has spread from the ovaries of a woman has the opportunity to live at least five years ninety percent. Unfortunately, it detects less than twenty percent of ovarian cancer in its early stages, due to the fact that the symptoms of ovarian cancer do not involve the ovaries themselves often cancer can be overlooked as evidence as images of the stomach can overlook the ovaries.

This does not mean that every time a woman gets a stomach ache or pelvic pain she must scribble to detect ovarian cancer. In cases where problems are persistent though researchers have concluded that ovarian cancer should be considered. If tests have ruled out other causes should be tested for ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is a relatively rare cancer in women, affecting a small portion of the general population and represents a small percentage of cancers that affect women in general.

For women affected by these statistics mean nothing though cancer. Thus, it is clear from the results of research that women should play a greater role in the detection of this disease role due to the nature of the symptoms and the elusive nature of the disease and essential screening to determine the rate of Women survival reaches of ovarian cancer.

If tests have ruled out other causes of symptoms that tests for ovarian cancer should be performed before the diagnostic process. A woman early response to persistent symptoms associated with ovarian cancer may be the key to their survival. New research has found that ultrasound and the CA125 test were often not effective in detecting ovarian cancer, even in women who are already at high risk of developing the disease.

Women at high risk include women with a family history of the disease and women predisposed to it due to genetic mutations that can make ovarian cancer more likely. In both tests, the blood test proved more effective in finding ovarian cancer but can sometimes give false positive results. The statistics are not good for the early detection of cancer to other means must be developed, it seems.

Experts agree that more research is needed in the area of detection of the disease, which appears to be important in determining the survival rate for ovarian cancer. The symptoms are always in the same way as for parts to be made more aware of what cancer and its early detection. Monitoring of symptoms can be helpful. Keep an accurate record of your symptoms and be persistent during the evaluation process can be the difference between surviving and not surviving ovarian cancer.

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