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Sunscreen – a must for healthy skin

We live in a society where the tan is idolized. Not only teenagers prepare for the ball, but also adults, the desire for a perfectly browned and crunchy skin. To buy this, they often spend large amounts in tanning booths, sun and other forms of ultraviolet light for long periods of time.
Sun exposure is necessary for good health, but excessive exposure can cause skin burns, leading to painful skin, sensitive skin cancer, perhaps. Choose a good sunscreen helps prevent sunburn occurrence. First, what exactly is a sunscreen? Sunscreen is a lotion type product that filters the sun’s ultraviolet rays, reducing damage to skin from overexposure. You’ll see people using the application themselves on beaches and swimming pools. It’s a smart thing to let the sunscreen, because a longer exposure without burning.
Choose an appropriate sunscreen is essential. Try to choose a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) which is quite high. The more you buy sunscreen SPF, the more you may be exposed to the sun without burning. The burning time is also influenced skin type applicator, for example, if you burn easily, and after twelve minutes of sun exposure, you will need to reapply sunscreen more frequently than someone burning sensation after 30 minutes of exposure.
Sunscreen is also required when swimming and water sports on the outside. Do not make the mistake of thinking that because they are immersed in water that is granted an automatic protection against sunburn. Waterproof sunscreen to protect it while submerged. However, it is necessary to leave the water and reapply sunscreen regularly, and the power of sun protection will be lower, even “waterproof.”
Repeated sunburn can lead to a form of skin disease and even cancer, so you must act now to prevent sunburn occurrence.

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