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Step Procedure to reduce fibroids in the uterus

uterine fibroids

Do you have a problem about your rules? Do you go through pain while making physical relationships? Therefore it must be said that you have fibroids in the uterus. Women over the age of 30 suffer from this problem. We all know the response of cells to hormones every month. The cells thicken, break, and fall into bleeding. But those who have fibroids have many problems. The cells do not break or break, they accumulate on the inner walls of the uterus. Women with noncancerous tumors suffer from painful menstrual periods. One of the popular tests to diagnose this condition is MRI.

Know the symptoms of uterine fibrosis

Symptoms of uterine fibroids are similar to adenomyosis. In both cases, women go through painful periods with heavy bleeding. In addition to painful periods, women experience the problem with urinary retention and urinary frequency, painful physical relationship, abdominal pain, fertility problems and pregnancy, constipation and more. In the early days, most women undergo hysterectomy the process. Here, in this process, the expert has eliminated it from the uterine body. However, there are several complications of this procedure. Therefore, doctors are looking for better alternatives.

Uterine artery embolization – the alternative procedure

As the hysterectomy process is having a lot of complications, most women undergo uterine fibroid embolization or UAE artery. There are several advantages to this procedure. The patient has to stay overnight in the hospital, there are no scars and marks, no pain, normal periods after the operation, keeping the uterus intact, recovery quickly and completely covered by medical help.

The procedure

The first step – through the artery of the upper leg, the radiologist guides a small tube into the arteries that go to the uterus. Here, at this point, the doctor does the channel initially.

The second stage – The radiologist infuses medium-sized particles into the blood vessels that feed the fibroid. This is the important step in the process and the expert made carefully.

The third stage – At this stage, the fibroids do not receive enough nutrients and then die from the famine. Professional customize the procedure according to the needs of the patient.

Therefore, from the previous steps, it is evident that most women can live a healthy life without suffering fibromas and adenomyosis no more if they undergo the process of embolization of the uterine artery.

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