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Statins and cholesterol

Have you been diagnosed with high cholesterol? What is cholesterol anyway and are statins? Cholesterol is a soft, waxy white substance found in every cell of your body. At least it should be. Cholesterol is used to produce hormones, cell membranes, bile acids, and vitamin D. 75% of your cholesterol is made by the liver, the other 25% comes from food, or so-called food we eat.

Statins are lifesaving, recommended by doctors, the universal panacea for fear induced cholesterol myth. It is a myth that you know? High cholesterol is a universal fear tactic.

Somewhere around 25% of the cholesterol in your body is your brain. Bet you did not know. According to experts, is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. I know you’ve heard of HDL (high density lipoprotein) and LDL (low density lipoprotein). You may have even heard of too CDM and VLDL (medium density and very low density lipoproteins).

HDL helps prevent heart disease by keeping cholesterol from the arteries. HDL also helps remove arterial plaque. LDL, secondly, can build up in the arteries and form plaque, whereas otherwise the HDL. This can create a clot or blockage and heart or brain and cause a heart attack or stroke. I‘m sure I need not mention that this is not a good thing.

Statins are the extension of life, miracles drugs to protect us from the extreme dangers formidable diagnosed with high cholesterol. But statins are truly amazing magical miracle drugs if you are going to be greatly exaggerated? Hmmmmm. Please read on.

Did you know that pharmaceutical companies sell just over $ 30 billion for lowering cholesterol, statins each year? Statins are the drug companies gather to get their high cholesterol under control. They really go too far with its dramatic, fear tactics sore afraid. Need to sell emotion. That’s a lot of money, I mean earnings.

Statins have to be some kind of God forgot to include essential when designing our metabolic original anatomy. It seems that God has made a number of mistakes when you consider the amount of pharmaceutical chemicals laced our bodies seem to need. He must have gotten distracted or something. I am sure that Jesus was a handful. Did you also know that only a very small percentage of people taking high cholesterol, statins really need?

More and more doctors are now pointing finger inflammation as a major cause of heart disease, not high cholesterol. How often funny medical authority has a change of heart.

A known cardiologist decided to classify the results of many angiograms he was doing. A good percentage of patients with cholesterol levels of 150 had advanced heart disease, whereas patients with cholesterol levels of 280 did not have any signs of heart disease. This is obviously when he started scratching his head.

According to profile reports this statement contradicted everything he thought he knew about high cholesterol and need statins.

The biggest concern is extremely low side effects of taking these tied chemicals, prescription cholesterol-lowering you know where cocktails. The truth is that the risks far outweigh the gains. I bet you have never heard of your doctor. This is the point at which most of you stop reading. You do not want to hear, much less believe you were fooled by the medical establishment powerful and all knowing.

Excuse me, are you saying that I have to control my heart disease with diet and things I like to eat? Most of us just prefer taking a pill or two, remain completely unaware, and incorporate only side effects in our daily lives. This way we can keep eating the same foods that are always so surely kill us. I‘m right? You do not have to answer that.

This is the greatest misfortune of all. We are very happy with this false sense that everything will be fine, because we take this wonderful little magic pill. This is to protect me from my less nutritious food addictions and indulgences. Do not ever tell me I can not eat. We will do everything possible to avoid the pain of loss. The loss of some of our more expensive, bad for you, eating blind options.

We are a small company sick of misfits and dreamers. History says you were born 6 beautiful little baby pounds 7 oz. You are the full development of an adult (determined by the number of his anatomy of years on Earth) person. I will not even try to guess what your weight can be at this time, but whatever your weight and health, I have reached this stage of his life so packed in his mouth, from baby to adult, do not? Your cells, tissues, muscles and body mass developed by deciding to feed them, the good, the bad and the ugly, unfortunately.

So now you have this induced psychotic, high cholesterol clouds below wherever you go fear. You will be asked when you see something you want to eat sin. You know, this camping alter ego on his shoulder talking through the pros and cons of his about to be taken. You say, wow, that looks delicious but better not, chances are loaded with cholesterol.

Then you have this moment of illumination and decides I should be good because I take this little statin magic pill, and I live in the illusion that this little magic pill that will neutralize most unpleasant high cholesterol. It only becomes a kind of harmless inert substance, right?. Then you can take the unfortunate decision to eat anyway. His confidence in his policy of high cholesterol.

Wrong, but you knew that was coming. So now you have this pump only eat more cholesterol, experience muscle pain and extreme fatigue. Heck, exhausted by his only eat whatever and now you have to try to make it back to your car so you can drive home and take a nap.

You can not believe so out of shape. You figure you really need to start this workout, keep telling yourself that will begin. You can always justify it by saying its just right to grow old, or you could say that my father and my mother had the same condition. It is hereditary. Really? Statins are particularly bad for patients older than 70 years who are not lying to themselves and are very old.

Muscle pain and fatigue are two of the most common and undesirable side effects after statins? I‘m sure your doctor has left you in suspense about the horrible side effects. What? He or she only gave an order? That’s what I thought. Do not want to disrupt the status quo. Statins also affect libido and memory. Statins may actually engage the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by as much as 15 years. You can read if you already forget.

It turns out that sugar causes more inflammation and damage to the arteries and cholesterol. Sugar increases blood pressure and age of their bodies. Interestingly, the Framingham study Health, which began in 1948 and continues today, shows that those involved in the study, who lived longer, tended to be in the group of high cholesterol. Strange, that may not be true. You can start scratching your head too.

In another study conducted in France have presented evidence on the role that food intake was in heart disease. Two groups of high-risk men who survived heart attacks recently separated. It was emphasized smokers who do not exercise and, ironically, all had high cholesterol.

One group started the diet of the American Heart Association (low in fat and cholesterol) and the second group that put on the Mediterranean diet, which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, rich in fish, vegetables and olive oil.

Surprisingly or fact is not surprising, the study was terminated early because the results of the high cholesterol diet were so striking. Although cholesterol levels remained high, which interestingly 70% of fatal heart attacks.

With all this emphasis on high cholesterol and many of us assume that we are safe, while consuming a statin, lose sight of the real culprit in all this. The real causes of heart disease; Inflammation: sugar, stress, refined carbohydrates and oxidation.

These are all things we can change our diet I managed, but is not it? Sad to say, most of us. We have various chemicals to make us all better and just decide the side effects are part of our luggage life. It’s just part of getting older, right?

Why are we so complacent and rely on pharmaceuticals? What makes them so distinct? So reliable irrefutable. We lose sight of the fact that pharmaceuticals, after all, a business. They are lying. Do you think they care? You do not understand their motivation? Reread that more than $ 30 million within a year older.

The truth is that statins do nothing to prolong life and improve your health. In fact, actually contribute to reduced quality of life by destroying muscle, liver, heart and kidney function. Pharmaceutical companies are very good at manipulating statistics to their favor. They will make you believe whatever they want to believe. You are a lemming and they know it! The problem is that it does not. The actual figures and the results are well documented, just have to go beyond the surface illusion and confusion.

Statins also inhibit the actions of other biological and metabolic processes involved in cell regulation. This becomes too complicated. Imagine a chemical that interferes with some of its most important bodily functions and antioxidant effects. Interference creates imbalances, blocking cell signaling, and reduced levels of CoQ10 by interfering with the natural route for cholesterol production. The same route by which CoQ10 occurs.

CoQ10 loss resulting in the increase of free radicals and loss of cell energy. This has a huge impact on the mitochondrial DNA. CoQ10 is so important for heart health and other cell activation and labeling of enzymes statins in Canada clearly warns CoQ10 depletion issues. This gap also important nutrients can lead to heart failure in doubtful cases of congestive heart failure.

So how you can help regulate or change your cholesterol without statins? Since 75% of cholesterol is produced by the liver, cholesterol levels are influenced by insulin levels. If you optimize and regulate insulin levels, it will automatically optimize and reduce cholesterol. You do not have to be complicated. This will greatly increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. The best part is to ignore the negative side effects of taking these statins also prescribed.

How is cholesterol is not presented as the protector of life really is? In fact, the body uses cholesterol as a repair mechanism to cover abrasions and tears in artery walls, in the same way as any other wound. Because cholesterol has been described as the leading cause of preventable death or heart disease, many of our foods have been stripped of the supposedly deadly ingredient. You can now buy low cholesterol and no food so well publicized cholesterol remove the fear of dying an occluded artery plaque embedded. Really?

Funny how cholesterol levels increased again in recent years in Japan, the number of heart attacks has decreased. In a long research experience of eight years, 10 000 people were investigated with high cholesterol. Half received a better statin drug sales, while the other half were advised to eat a normal diet and get plenty of exercise.

The results were nothing short of amazing. Although statins are less serum cholesterol, which had no impact on the rate of death, nonfatal heart attacks or deadly blood disease. Hmmmmm. In other words, there is no benefit at all in the group taking statins. The disadvantage is that for 8 years, those taking statins, has suffered from horrible, all risking failure side effects including liver, muscle atrophy and even sudden death debilitating. Does not look like something that I offer.

A more recent study of 20,000 men and women in Denmark found that most patients with heart disease had relatively normal cholesterol levels. Another study in Britain found that people who consumed more margarine and less butter have higher rates of heart attacks.

Eating margarine instead of butter can increase heart disease in women by 53%, according to a recent medical study from Harvard University. Margarine actually increases the LDL cholesterol while lowering HDL beneficial. Margarine also increases the risk of cancer up to 5 times. Immune responses and suppresses insulin. It is a highly processed synthetic that is almost impossible to break. Can last for years reasonable outside the body and inside the body. We usually hear this information in the other direction?

The people who died of heart attack were found to have a greater amount of harmful fatty acids derived from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, animal fats and unprocessed. These trans fats clog the membranes of our cells, including the heart and coronary arteries.

This deprives the cells of oxygen, nutrients and water, eventually destroy the cell. The risk of heart disease increased significantly in those who eat processed fats like margarine, chips, white bread, biscuits, cakes and cookies. I know you like to eat these foods, but maybe you could moderate a bit and then help neutralize their harmful effects from eating foods rich in nutrients such as fruits and vegetables.

Odd how in 2007 the city of New York has banned the use of trans fats in restaurants. Of course, when there is a will there is a way. Now these trans fats were replaced by a new and improved artificial fat, which becomes as bad, if not worse. No food giants refuse. You see what I mean when I say I do not really care about their health. They do not care where you are spending your money if it’s any consolation.

Where are we going with this? High cholesterol seems to be the predominant threat of health in the 21st century it is an invented threat propagation, approved and extended by profit, 30 billion dollars a year, the pharmaceutical conglomerate. A simple blood test is all you need and mire cholesterol is well fired.

Your new potential prospect was told to be committed to a costly and damaging to the rest of their lives statin. Of course, leave the dangerous and costly of the equation, but they will not let adverse effects on the arteries and the terrible fear of living with the nightmare of high cholesterol. This is called fear marketing partnership. Unfortunately, some patients are prescribed even more than one.

We‘re pretty sure withthe dangers associated with hypercholesterolemia. Actually, it’s more evidence demonstrating the high cholesterol level to be completely false and totally misleading. Unfortunately, we do not see or hear these reports.

Fear is used to seal the deal and add to the growing and profitable cholesterol by lowering statin drugs selling. It is a headliner in the world. In fact, pharmaceutical companies and medical services spokesman should at least nominated for several Oscars this year.

Are we deaf to the side effects simply because of the beautiful scenery on your ads. Happy couple dancing under the waterfall in Kona debit side effects while taking the drug say. pain, fatigue, heart palpitations, heart attack, stroke, dementia, bleeding ulcers, rash, difficulty thinking, depression, suicide, diarrhea and even death. But hey, what a beautiful waterfall and the couple looked so happy. Are they happy because they are on statins? Does medication make you feel like you‘re on vacation?

Even no matter how good it feels or how healthy you think. The revelation of a cholesterol problem can be devastating, life changing. Medical authorities try to convince you that you are wrong and you are playing a very dangerous game to your health and your heart unless you address this critical issue of high cholesterol.

Now it has been assigned regular checkups and regular blood tests to monitor their newfound danger health concern. This is a grievous sin! Create psychotropic misery psychologically.

It’s a winwin all medically equipped for our economy. Best of all is that now they have to trash-induced fear, totally misleading cholesterol cloud following you wherever you go. It really puts a kink in their thinking.

The children are now in the specific list of potential new customers. It’s a whole new generation of statins customers. You have to really think about the dangers and side effects before agreeing to place your child at any statin. What these dangerous side effects could potentially show your child as they mature into adulthood. If this does not scare you, then you need to go back and reread the potential side effects.

Marketing campaigns and clever advertising by drug cartels have successfully brainwashed most people into believing that these drugs save them from future heart attacks and premature death. Their marketing campaigns are so successful, even if a doctor about high cholesterol deception, a well-educated patient deceptively confused and require a prescription anyway.

This is a recipe for damages, an order that reduces their quality of life, a recipe laced with too many side effects, prescription marketed under the veil of the need and concern for their health. That’s a lot of fluff.

If you realize it or not, but it also affects our, the economic future medically equipped. Statins are the best selling and most clearly prescribed drug of all time. This is the consumer increases the costs of health care, so health care out of reach for many. We are the largest generation of lemmings that the world has ever known. You must decide for yourself. Who to believe?

How many of us unconsciously treat the side effects of some of these statins and other drugs. More conveniently blame for our ills. Perhaps most of their ailments were created by adding artificial, foreign chemicals to an organization that was designed to thrive in botanicals and other God given natural flora .. wake up and smoke some coffee!

You may decide that all this information and research that you have just read is a joke. You can continue living with your growing disease, pain, confusion, loss of sexual desire and everything that comes from ingesting prescription, or may choose to see the truth drugs.

We are serious and stubborn people died people who are much more comfortable to be in the box below. This is not a game. I could make jokes here and there, but it is far from funny. Funny how we believe everything blindly follow, hopefully, we respect and we die. Caveat!

Michael is an investigative journalist with over 10 years of personal experience with alternative cancer remedies and natural medicine. Discover innovative treatments that change the lives of people and reverse the disease.

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