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Start your natural hair journey

Natural hair

Natural hair journey

To have a natural hair journey successfully, it is important to gain an understanding of what the natural hair.

There are many different definitions to describe “natural hair,” The most typical description of natural hair is described as hairless or straighten hair without chemicals. The hair strands are in their natural state, so smooth, wavy, curly or coils that has not been chemically altered from its original hair style or color.

Start your natural hair journey

There is no right or wrong way to go natural. His decision to go natural or think it’s important to you. So congratulations or continue your journey. Now you will experience ups and downs along the way to improve your hair care routine. You will learn what products or even their hair styles accept or ignore. Do not worry it’s all part of the journey. I got through it and is still learning.

If you decide to switch to natural hair, it is important to know where your natural hair and straightened hair is found. It is easy to identify because there is a noticeable difference in feel and appearance. At this point, you may decide to cut the relaxed ends, or do the “big chop” as I have done twice. I share again soon. Relaxants are not a bad thing as they do every four to six weeks and treated. I met a beautiful woman with relaxed hair healthy. However, relaxing can leave hair damaged and brittle and dull over time. Do not forget the sensitive scalp burns.

I remember at the beginning of my journey to determine which products work or not work for my hair was difficult. Yes, YouTube has helped. Take the advice of curly friends was also good. read blogs were useful too. However, they still had to understand myself by reading labels and trying to keep organic ingredients near my hair. Making the choice between natural hair products advertised were apparently confused and difficult. Believe me, I’m there! Selection of products is important and many natural products spend much of their time trying new products in an attempt to find the perfect a.k.a holy grail for hair products.

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