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Some important facts you need to know about autism

Autism is a neurological disorder caused by the lack of communication of brain cells and how they respond their synapses, although the exact cause of this disorder has not yet been discovered. This disorder is characterized by severe problems in the interaction and communication, interests, actions and repetitive behaviors and a sense of restraint. Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is a compound that consists of three types of disorders-

1. Autism involves social communication difficulties and repetitive actions.

2. Asperger Syndrome: Causes of delay in the process of information processing in the brain and language development.

3. Pervasive Developmental Disorder: It is diagnosed when the criteria for autism and Asperger syndrome are not met.

Several factors were considered as possible causes of autism, the atmosphere primarily by the environment before birth as the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, childhood immunizations, etc. have been responsible for it, even though most of them have no scientific basis. The symptoms associated with autism begin to appear as early as six months of age, but continue to develop as they grow, which makes it look complete and regular from the second year of life. In some cases, the child has normal development at an early stage, but then begins to decrease. No curative measure for this disease has not yet been discovered, so it is a cry to recognize this disorder is not a disease, but a difference.

Autistic symptoms make their presence known in infants less attentive to stimuli, reducing the possibility of meeting their own names and make them avoid eye contact when interacting with others. These children are not capable of understanding the social actions, spontaneous, to express themselves through gestures, imitate and respond to emotions, etc. Although these children are the immediate attachment and their caregivers, but just suffered such intense loneliness, as the formation and maintenance of friendship proves to be a difficult task for them. The obstacles they face when trying to communicate with others is caused by delayed language development, so can not speak and share experiences and make simply repeat the words they hear from others.

His obsession with repetitive patterns of behavior can be summarized in the following categories:

1. Stereotype indicates repetitive movements such as rocking the body, etc.
2. Model behavior is compulsive adherence to strict rules as to fix things in a row.
3. Maintain consistency implies a strong resistance to change as their anger when furniture is moved.
4. Ritualistic behavior is closely related to his obsession with consistency like wearing the same dress every day, it becomes a daily ritual.
5. Behavior involves limited with very little of interest, activities and discussions.
6. Self-injury: They also show a tendency to inflict harm themselves through head banging, scratching, etc. This is due to the emergence of aggressive and violent disorder.

No cure has yet to be discovered by their problems. Many children with autism have significant improvements thanks to a long-term treatment, even if no one knows how, but some children show no improvement at all. These children can acquire language at the age of five years or less, although in some cases, a process of language development is delayed. The fundamental problems of autism continue, although the severity of your symptoms may decrease with increasing age of the individual. In rare cases, people with autism have normal growth later in life and also be able to find a job or part-time.

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