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Skin protective winter

Does the skin winter blues? Does the itching and flaking driving you crazy? Do not worry, you can take steps to protect and alleviate the largest organ of your body. With proper care, healthy and glowing skin is achievable during winter. Whatever your age, follow these tips during the season.

No matter how dark your skin, you still need to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Choose a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher. Sunscreens containing titanium dioxide tend to leave darker skin tones “ash.” Apply a sunscreen gel is preferable and it absorbs invisibly into your skin.

I know it’s tempting, but taking long hot showers condensate core of your skin, leaving it dry and lacking moisture. Limit your showers to about 5-10 minutes. (Hint: Use a leave-in conditioner, so you do not have to spend time washing your hair, while being able to keep it conditioned.)

Wash hands and face with warm water, not hot.

This winter, opt for a non-foaming cleanser that cleans, but does not strip natural moisture barrier of the skin. You do not want that squeaky clean feeling you get with cleansing gels, which can leave skin dry and tight.

Invest in a great hand cream: it will help keep hands soft and smooth. If possible, avoid washing their hands frequently. Apply hand cream in your hands immediately after washing to seal in moisture.

His lips do not have natural defense against the elements. Using a lip balm with SPF is essential even during winter months. Your lips tend to dry more quickly during this time of year, so be sure to reapply if necessary. Licking the lips can cause them to dry faster, too. As the saliva in your mouth evaporates moisture is your natural lip.

In general, and especially during the winter months, avoid products containing alcohol skin care. Not only does the alcohol is an irritant, but it is drying, too.

Instead of exfoliating AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) wear a good water based moisturizer to hydrate your skin and prevent peeling. AHA can be a great way to the top layer of skin flakes, but usually tend to dry the skin. If you plan to use them anyway, do not abuse it.

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