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Skin – Caring for your feet

The foot care is often a neglected area of our daily routine of body care. These large parts of our body to carry with you (no matter how heavy they are) all day and all they want, often in shoes and socks that are too uncomfortable to even breathe.
When our tired feet, we feel tired general. If this happens a lot, it’s time to apply some much-needed benefits and useful – FT.
First, wear comfortable shoes. I do not know which ones are best for you. Find a partner in your feet feel natural. That alone will make a big difference in how you feel.
Secondly, when you put on socks, which should be of a breathable material. Otherwise, your feet will feel like your hands with latex gloves make for a long period.
Thirdly, the feet, like all parts of your body, deserve some concern. In the evening, just before going to bed, put some lotion or cream on your feet dry and clean. There should be a particular way (as long as there is no conflict areas in the feet), almost any hand cream or body lotion should be done regularly.
The important thing really makes the difference is this: not only is applied. Take a minute or more – two and massage of the feet throughout the area (do not skip a toe!) Apply the lotion, as needed, and enjoy the refreshing feeling to turn your body fatigue .
If nothing else, your hills there will be nothing but dry. It will also be much easier to go to sleep.

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