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Skin Care Cleaning – The “how” section

The skin is our largest organ, with an average of nineteen square meters and weighs about 7 pounds. The first step to healthy skin is a clean healthy skin.
Begin with a cleaner that is right for your skin type, if it is dry, the combination of fat, normal or sensitive. Bar soaps are usually drying and should be used for the skin of his neck down. A facial cleanser is the best and the formula should not be too hard for your skin type. A good way to know if the cleaner is too strong is that if you leave the skin “cracks” clean. Stripping removes all your skin’s natural oils that act as a protective layer on the skin. If you wear makeup, also wants to make sure you choose a cleaner that effectively removes, or use a separate makeup remover before cleansing skin care.
The best way to wash your face with warm water to remove dirt in the pores. Avoid extremes of temperature, because hot water or cold can cause broken capillaries. Use a small amount of cleaning companies and apply in a circular motion across the face. Rinse several times with hot water, then rinse several times more fresh water to close pores. You can use a washcloth, but must be clean, soft, preferably cotton. You should wash your face twice a day, morning and afternoon. If you wash more often, it is possible to steal the skin of essential oils. The right mix of oil on the skin which enhances their natural beauty. If your skin has very little oil, dried, and if too much oil, clogged pores and spots appear.
The cleaning effectiveness of skin care is the first step in your routine to keep skin healthy and beautiful.

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