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Shedding Light on HIV-AIDS Myth

How many times have you heard the phrase, “HIV, the virus that causes AIDS?” Because of this association, HIV is the most feared virus on earth. But this fear is justified? Is it possible that this infamous -that association is merely propaganda? Full funding of this syndrome and doctoral study, doubted that this could be true self until I looked into it. what I found was fascinating.

When one actually reads the first AIDS research, before the image was covered with the claim that it is caused by HIV, it seems pretty clear that AIDS is caused by the drug, as we now can see in perfect lung cancer hindsight is caused by smoking. In fact, most researchers to onset of AIDS do with crystal clarity and many still do. Their voices are silenced, however, by hunters of germs that direct the CDC, pharmaceutical companies selling antiretroviral drugs and other interests that want you to be afraid of germs or sex. These people have an absolute about what the research is funded by the AIDS control and since the discovery of HIV and condemned all research leans toward learning how to kill or suppress. Professor Peter Duesberg, PhD, University of Berkeley, who was the first person to map the genome of a retrovirus is one of the biggest critics of the HIV = AIDS hypothesis. He said that HIV can not cause AIDS. Another very credible source who takes this view against the current is the Nobel Prize Kary Mullis PhD prices, it says it can not find any reason why anyone should believe that HIV causes AIDS. The truth is that no matter what you’ve heard or how many times you’ve heard, the evidence is just not there and the story makes no sense. There is so much to this fascinating story that only the broadest strokes can be covered here, but let’s dig a little deeper.

Although the definition of AIDS has changed dramatically in recent years, the original syndrome occurred exclusively in accelerated homosexuals. All patients had at least two things in common. They used high doses of antibiotics to prevent urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases and they all had a long history of heavy recreational drug use – especially amyl nitrate or course, “poppers”. other drugs, especially inhaled drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine, have contributed to the image well. Disease patients died of fungal infections (candidiasis and Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia) and cancer rare skin (Kaposi’s sarcoma). Pneumocystis carinii is a lung disease. KS usually infects the lungs of these patients, as well as the face and nose. Thrush affects the oral cavity. These findings bind well with the factor inhalation drug use. Fungal infections are mainly caused by overuse of antibiotics. Amyl nitrates are carcinogenic. Like cigarettes, the long-term use causes cancer. Both drugs also weaken the immune system.

When the definition of AIDS was expanded (because nobody was interested in studying a gay disease), we have seen new groups come into play, namely, hemophiliacs and intravenous drug users. Hemophiliacs use what is called Factor VIII to promote clotting. Commercial quality factor VIII, which is cheaper and comes from thousands of donors, causes a dysfunction of the immune system, while the purified factor VIII does not. Only hemophiliacs receiving commercial Factor VIII help and if approved pure form, which often recover. Need proof? HIV has been absent from the blood supply since 1984, but the number of hemophiliacs contracting AIDS has not diminished. And by the way, spouses of hemophiliacs ever get AIDS, even when unprotected sex.

Probably not a surprise to find that IV drugs suppress the immune system as well. These users often die such things as blood infections and if the person happens to have HIV in his / her body, death certificate indicates that died of AIDS. Statistically, HIV status does not affect the age at which injection drug users either die. In fact, in all cases, HIV-positive drug users live longer than their HIV-negative counterparts.

AIDS in Africa is a completely different with completely different diagnostic criteria of what we have here syndrome. People die from diseases allegedly caused by HIV, were Africa forever. HIV is completely irrelevant in the clinical picture and often not even tested for. But HIV is blamed for the deaths from AIDS receives more funds for malaria or other diseases are African.

Since the discovery of HIV, many patients who are HIV positive, but in good health, were put on antiretroviral drugs like AZT. These drugs prevent the spread of the virus, but destroy the T cells to do so. This loss of T cells leads to a patient misses and diagnosis of AIDS. The doctor interprets this as the natural progression of HIV to AIDS, but in reality is AIDS by prescription. This is precisely what happened to Magic Johnson. Fortunately, he was smart enough to stop taking drugs and recovered completely. Wimbledon champion Arthur Ashe was not so lucky.

For all viral diseases more than AIDS, the presence of antibodies in the blood means your immune cells have been in contact with the virus and successfully eliminated or at least learned to suppress it. AIDS, however, the presence of antibodies (which is what the AIDS test actually test) means that the virus is supposed to live and reproduce in you. Why they changed this standard laboratory dedicated not only for AIDS? Because it is virtually impossible to find any active HIV in a patient, even if they have AIDS! Your body produces millions or even billions of T cells every day. For HIV to kill more T cells are produced, there must be millions of HIV particles in the blood. This is simply not the case.

What about patients with high viral load supposedly? Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis, previously mentioned, invented the PCR test is used to test these viral loads. It is said that the test is “sense” when used in this way. To help justify this inability to find HIV in AIDS patients, the researchers created elaborate stories about HIV. The long and the short of these stories is that HIV does not have to be present in order to kill these cells. I call it, “The Virus Magical Theory”.

Furthermore, in order to produce evidence of antibodies to HIV, the virus grown in human T lymphocytes. The strange thing is that the virus does not kill T cells! He lives in harmony with them. This is because retroviruses do not kill cells. Why would they? They need to reproduce.

Until arbitrarily created a new name for it, there were thousands of AIDS patients who were not even HIV positive! But because these patients mistook their statistics, rather than considering other possibilities as to the cause of AIDS, the CDC decided to create a new brand of diagnosis (ICL) for these patients. They also said that since HIV must be present to give an AIDS diagnosis. Nobody seems to care or know what causes ICL.

On the other side of the coin, there are millions of people who are positive (many of which were positive for decades) who have never developed AIDS HIV. As long as you stay away from AZT, poppers, cocaine, etc. to remain healthy. Moreover, the number of people with HIV has remained relatively constant since the early trials. According to epidemiologists, the overall stability of the rate of HIV infection indicates that the virus has been around for a long time. We just discovered in the 1980s.

All these facts and many others indicate that HIV (like most viruses) is actually a “passenger virus”. It basically depends only on the body but does not cause disease. At best, it can kill a few cells here and there. Research has confirmed yet even this. But unless you read medical journals right not hear this news.

So how does HIV become the scapegoat of AIDS? The main character of this story is the man who is usually credited with the discovery of HIV, Robert Gallo. Gallo has been discredited many times and in many ways was the laughingstock of the scientific community. The highlight of our history, however, was convicted of fraud and scientific misconduct and asked to leave the National Cancer Institute because he had falsified all the research I had done on AIDS. In fact, his papers, which supposedly makes the relationship between HIV and AIDS, never actually say that HIV is the cause! The titles of these documents (indicating HIV was the cause) is simply taken at face value and never confirmed by another laboratory. Before the work, even had been published, it was just announced to the world that we (Americans) had found the cause of AIDS. But Gallo actually the infamous virus from a French researcher Luc Montagnier stole and claimed for years that was. Interestingly, the patient Montagnier found the virus had not even AIDS! Thusly, Montagnier, the discoverer of HIV, also said he can not and does not cause AIDS!

All this is just the tip of the iceberg. The full story on HIV and AIDS is in my book “Thugs, drugs and the war on insects, How Natural Health Revolution takes us beyond greed, ego and fear germs.”

Dr. Brad Case is a holistic chiropractor, clinic director of the Holistic Healing Center in Prunedale, California, and author of “thugs, drugs and the war on insects, How Natural Health Revolution will take us beyond the greed, Ego and Scary germs “, book I, in which we are ill series ?? of health care. He is also co-author of “101 Tips to improve your health.” Dr. Case has dedicated his life to exposing the myths and lies perpetrated by modern medicine and traditional media. His personal and professional revolutionize the way health care is delivered mission in this country and around the world, leading to full freedom of choice in health care and common sense approach to treat and prevent disease. provides a quarterly newsletter and a monthly newsletter.

Dr. Case has discovered that there are only seven basic causes for all diseases. To help fight against these health hazards, developed 20 steps ?? Perfect Health, a comprehensive program designed for patients sicker and again. He also developed a series of health lectures entitled “Seminars perfect health”. His relaxed style and irreverent spirit dry and buoy tend to delight his audience, allowing them to digest this serious information, and often fear.

Dr. Case has a Bachelor of Science degree in human biology and received his Doctor of Chiropractic at the National University of Health Sciences.

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