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Sex and type diabetes

Now let’s talk about sex and how type 2 diabetes affects your sexuality, you’re a man or a woman. Is it not as important as diet for diabetics, sugar levels in the blood and physical activity? You can not even be considered in the category of exercise?
Sexual function in men and women is incredibly complex, and as you know, involves a series of physical and emotional reactions. The addition of type 2 diabetes can do a little planning and additional adjustment is necessary. Place the first man … Diabetes causes erectile dysfunction?
Well, yes it can. It is not unusual for a man of 50 have some degree of impotence or erectile dysfunction. It is often the factor that drives people to consult your health care provider and after many other symptoms were ignored, the symptoms that help in the diagnosis of diabetes. There is an increased risk of impotence in men suffering from diabetes for many years.
Why this happens:
• As a result of damage to blood vessels, restricting blood flow needed to create an erection
• as a result of nerve damage, leading to decreased sensitivity
• diabetes medicines taken
• also took medication for issues such as hypertension or high cholesterol
Excessive drinking and smoking can also cause erectile dysfunction.
Although male sexual disorders get the most coverage, women with sexual problems related to diabetes as well. Often, women with type 2 diabetes themselves as less sex appeal, were less happy and satisfied with their sexual partner and sexual life in general.

Therefore, that:
• are more likely to avoid sex with your partner
• were less likely to properly lubricate
• experience a decrease in sexual response due to nerve damage
The first line of defense against sexual problems related to diabetes, as with all the complications of diabetes is to have strict control over their blood sugar in the blood. So a healthy diet, regular exercise, not smoking and losing weight are the basic therapies for type 2.
What should a man do when they are affected by erectile dysfunction?
If, despite your efforts, problems persist … Talk with your health care … may be referred to a urologist for evaluation. There are several ways to help solve this problem:
• There is increasing vacuum devices
• The injection of a drug that causes blood to be drawn into the penis
• Surgical implants are available
• And, of course, Viagra, Levitra and Cialis … all impotence drugs approved by FDA

Now is the turn of the lady:
• First, a thought is that Type 2 diabetes occurs later in life if you can have a negative psychological effect and self-esteem is damaged. If this is the case, then any advice would be around
• There are creams available, such as KY can help the lubrication problem
• Ask your health care provider about Viagra for women
So if you are a man or a woman with type 2 diabetes do not hesitate to address the issue of gender or sexual dysfunction with your health care provider.
Feel free to talk! There are treatments for men and women to help achieve a more satisfying sex life. And do not forget the sugar levels in the blood. Sexual problems or not, the first line of treatment for type 2 diabetes is weight loss of 90% a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes are overweight!.

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