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Several advantages of using Invisalign Braces

Have you ever thought “I want my teeth straight, but do not want to wear one?” Well, now you do not need perfect teeth braces. Straighten teeth using a series of clear aligners instead of braces is gaining popularity among adults and adolescents. The most popular are clear channels called Invisalign. Some people call Invisalign braces, they can straighten teeth, although technically they are not on all devices.

Invisalign is a series of clear aligners or trays. Each tray fits in either upper or lower teeth and moves the teeth only a fraction of a millimeter. You can change channels every two weeks for the time you’ve finished using the last aligner, your teeth are straight. Patients can remove Invisalign aligners to eat and brush, but otherwise they are supposed to use them all the time.

There are several advantages of using Invisalign braces instead of straightening your teeth. The most obvious advantage is that because the channels are clear, much less visible than metal braces or braces, but clear. In fact, some people say that many people do not realize that having something in your mouth. Another advantage of Invisalign is that the channels can be removed by the patient that he or she can brush your teeth more easily. This reduces the chance of getting gum disease, tooth decay or unsightly permanent scars on the teeth is not caused by brushing properly.

Unlike braces may be sharp or have small hooks or a child who can push the cheeks, Invisalign trays are soft and generally does not irritate the cheeks and lips as the brakes can. Yet another advantage of Invisalign is that if you have an important event like a ball, when hot, or presentation you give, you can remove Invisalign trays for your event and put them back after a few hours. Of course, you should not do this very often your teeth or not recover.

Although there are many benefits of using Invisalign to straighten teeth, there are some disadvantages too. Invisalign works well to correct slightly crooked teeth, but can not work as well for serious correct crooked teeth, or bite problems. In addition, if the channels are clear and do not get braces on your teeth, Invisalign treatment often involves placing small white bumps on teeth to facilitate movement of the teeth and help them stay in alignment of teeth.

With the brakes as they stick to the teeth, you have to remember to make when you eat. If you forget to return to the Invisalign aligners after eating, your teeth can not move or even to return to their previous positions crooked. Also, because you can take your Invisalign trays, sometimes misleading or someone can shoot by accident.

Invisalign is easy to obtain. You must select a dentist or orthodontist certified Invisalign. You may ask “Do I see a dentist or orthodontist for Invisalign treatment?” Dentists and orthodontists can make Invisalign treatment, but must first pass an Invisalign certification course. The difference is that orthodontists have two or three years of additional training after dental school to learn how to diagnose and treat crooked teeth and bite problems. A good rule of thumb: The more complicated your situation, best to see an orthodontist.

When you come to your first visit, your dentist or orthodontist will determine if Invisalign is an option for straightening teeth and go through the pros and cons of having front Invisalign braces. At that time, your dentist or orthodontist will give you an estimate of the cost of Invisalign. If your teeth are severely bent or has problems with the bite, your dentist or orthodontist may recommend Invisalign appliances.

After you and your doctor have decided on Invisalign, it will take some X-rays, photographs and models of teeth. So before your next visit to your dentist or orthodontist will use a state of the art 3-D software to determine the best way of Invisalign to straighten teeth. The sequence of tooth movements are translated into a machine that cuts the Invisalign aligners.

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