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Secure Attention to women living with HIV

People living with HIV can all attest to the physical difficulties that the virus brings. Even worse than the physical damage to the social and emotional shock that many victims of HIV pass. This is especially true for women.

Despite the achievements in medical research and supposedly better understanding of HIV and discrimination against people living with HIV, especially women, remains very worrying. Despite the optimistic possibility that people with HIV can live a long and meaningful, healthy and happy life, many infected women can not reap the benefits of their innate privileges due to lack of motivation and lighting.

Today, people with HIV can have sex without feeling any guilt. This can be done successfully if the test shows that HTD their viral loads are low enough for efficient transmission. The right to good sex, satisfying and rewarding to be preserved for HIV positive women. Apart from the proven practice safe sex with condoms, HIV-negative partners can now be protected by pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). The effectiveness of this method can be tested with an HIV test at home. Women with HIV and have the right to enjoy the experience what everyone else. Discrimination in the transmission can not be substantiated scientifically. To enable sensual enjoyment and enjoyable experience, women with HIV should receive adequate support and education about viable to have sex without HIV transmission options. These options can be evaluated in home test kit for HIV or more options for HIV testing.

Today, women living with HIV can be very successful and satisfied mothers without fear that their children will suffer the same fate automatically. HIV test involving a large number of subjects tested this event. To be sure, children of mothers with HIV are encouraged to undergo HIV testing in the country or to be tested with the test kit HIV in the local medical center. With various forms of discrimination faced by women with HIV may consider motherhood as his greatest triumph. This achievement can greatly improve mood and desire to live normally and significantly for the sake of their children. Motherhood can hide the negativity caused by various forms of discrimination against them. Results time at home HIV test can show the willingness of mothers to heal the welfare of their families.

There is a very low rate of interaction among HIV-positive women and health care providers. This lack of interaction, which later results in a lack of adequate medical care, is strongly influenced by social discrimination against HIV. This occurs despite the fact that HIV / AIDS are less likely to be transmitted to the child conceived in relation to various other diseases with similar serious consequences. The issue of HIV transmission is still used to violate the rights of HIV-positive women to naturally take their offspring, despite extensive studies. Instead of being discriminated against women living with HIV should be informed family planning choices they can do and their right to care for their own children, regardless of their health status.

Emphasis should be given to the protection of HIV positive women. The least we can do is inform these women all the rights that deserve to live with and how they can practice these freedoms such as the right to enjoy sex and the right to motherhood. Sufficient political will must also be established by programs through the sincere authorities that directly benefit individuals or possibly inflicted AIDS AIDS positive. Easier access to HIV testing may be included in these programs. With widespread projections HIV test kit and other appropriate means, a reliable analysis of the HIV / AIDS can pave the way for the development of faster and relevant policies.

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