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Role of Bio-Combinations in the homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy is a popular form of alternative treatment is believed to be effective in curing many diseases. Although there has been much discussion with professionals and critics for and against, millions of people around the world continue to homeopathic treatment to relieve symptoms and cure diseases.

Homeopathy as a form of medical treatment was discovered in 1796 by a German chemist Samuel Hahnemann who believed that the underlying causes of many diseases that afflict humans are phenomena called ‘miasma’. His doctrine, said that homeopathy – in Greek means as homios and pathos means suffering – worked on the basis of “like cures like” where a substance that causes a particular disease in a healthy person can cure similar symptoms a person ill. Hahnemann was responsible for the rise and spread of homeopathy to other European countries; Today, this alternative form of treatment is practiced worldwide.

However, many scientific studies established indicate that homeopathy is a “pseudoscience” and no conclusive research has demonstrated the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment for all diseases.

Another prominent German homeopathic physician, Dr. WH Schuessler found that some (inorganic) essential chemical salts in human cells that are responsible for the development and growth of organs and tissue repair cells. It was found that the presence of 12 primary inorganic salts in sufficient amounts in the blood and tissues of the body has the power to cure diseases. These salts have become known as bio-ischemic salts; any change in the amount of these salts or imbalance was sufficient to disrupt cellular function and leads to disease. The treatment system which replaces Dr. Schuessler and corrected these imbalances has been called “bio-chemical therapy.” When a deficiency or imbalance of a salt especially bio chemic be replaced or compensated for medicine, which eliminates deficiency symptoms and treat the disease.

Bio-chemic treatment has become a method of emanation of homeopathy; 12 bio-chemic salts are “activated” and used in homeopathic medicine. In other studies and research, we found that only a disease may result from a deficiency of one or more salts thereof or a combination of bio-ischemic salts. Therefore, combinations of these salts resulting bio-12 were created in 28 Chemic drugs used as bases for biotreatment homeopathic combinations.

The process of bio-combination homeopathic treatment is complex and requires accurate volumes and mixing techniques and quality control measures of the highest standards. The remedies were not selected as the basic principles of homeopathy; mineral salts are homogeneous and cellular components in the body with respect to close the chemical and physiological properties rectifying imbalances molecular disturbed movement or possible combinations of bio-12 salts of primary bio-chemic.

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