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Risk of virus and national security

When we talk about international terrorism, most people think in terms of attacks, kidnappings or nuclear weapons in the hands of the worst villains. In fact, they are serious, but what about the diseases and viruses? What mutation of avian flu or smallpox, Ebola or mixed with the common cold. It’s not fun and nobody wants to talk, but we also have our enemies.

So, lets talk about it? I fear that use eggs for vaccine production and if we bird flu? Well, the eggs should be used? Research has been going on in the use of E. coli, but the idea of ​​using it to make vaccines is a little scary. Apples can be used, is not as effective and look how many people are there? There are several new businesses with incredible progress that has been made in the rapid development of vaccines.

However, we see another question, as a company buys whole star anise and avian flu vaccines do too. Even if bird flu hits hard in the United States, we have no idea what the strain could become the next pandemic. Some believe that China is testing its own people in the western provinces and two daily flights on AA nonstop Vietnam to New York? I mean, everything is prepared for disaster and no one seems to understand.

The Bush administration bought $ 10 billion in the bird flu vaccine, but whether the H5N1 virus is? Maybe something else, but sometimes you have to spend money just in case. The H5N1 virus can easily mutate, like other viruses in the past and do today.

In fact, I had read some really horrible problems in processing the test of Ebola virus. This is an interesting virus, even more interesting is that very few people can survive some strains. Wow, this is so interesting as the prostitute in Nairobi, who is 60 years old and never had HIV, which is done every day? His white blood cell count in the blood is through the roof, but it is still amazing, genetically. We have many human anomalies in that country, full of fascinating things.

On the issue of the vaccine, not only because it means we are still good because they have a life and vaccines are dangerous and often long-term, they do not work. We see all kinds of problems with vaccines today, any attempt to link these issues to the increase in autism and a small percentage of children who only ruins lives (which could be the mercury).

The main problems, then it is not the host of the conspiracy theory that does not take them, that if a large percentage is, few stragglers are not so bad, but if the number is more than 10-15%, no you can not deleting anything. I have heard many theories about autism, I could not say, but a 170 is too much. For us to consider all the ramifications and consolidate risk.

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