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Protect your head against cell phone radiation – Play it Safe

When I was young in my 20 years I ran a business and I was very proud of myself, because we were doing pretty well, and the young man, he was very happy with the results currency of each month. In fact, I had one of the first mobile phones, and I was paying between $ 0.60 and one dollar per minute, however, seemed to pay for itself due to the inherent efficiency of rapid communication.

None of my competitors had a mobile phone, however, the best they had these phones repeater must be forced to speak, and were much cheaper either. Needless to say, I found more than 1,000 hours per month on average.

Unfortunately, I knew at that moment we all know about the dangers of cell phones could be the biosystem. It turns out that at the time that the telephones work with 3 watts of power, no, not much. But since the frequency of cell phones were then in the microwave range, which are now, this meant that I was holding the phone to your ear, and was not very good for problems with cell phone radiation. Now, my first satellite phone under the seat of my car, and probably cooked in my seat.

Then I had a portable phone, walking me, but again, was far from my body, so it was a little safer. Finally, I had a cell phone when it is finally invented, which had the power of a little more, but I had the drive to my ear. Later, about eight years later, cell phones began to use less energy and went to another system. The power is much lower, as it is today, so probably not a big problem because people take up their ears, provided they do not use the phone for a significant percentage of the time is 500 minutes or more per month, but to be exact, you should find the same data.

However, people also commonly used their cell phones to their belts. These frequencies of microwaves can damage DNA, and the last place you want to be near her reproductive system, in fact, you do not want even close. Neither wants to go to his brain, although it could not protect his head. Remember that the microwave frequencies through things so that your microwave has a special shielding.

There was an interesting article recently in New Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence Online entitled “New studies show that the evidence of cell phone radiation damages DNA, brain and sperm” by the editor published May 24, 2011. The article stated that:

“New studies provide independent evidence which confirms the conclusions of the Council of Europe. Pulsed digital signals, cell phones, alter DNA, impair brain function and have less sperm, according to a statement made by the EHT was found that four hours of exposure RF-EMF alters the ability of human brain cells to repair damaged genes. Other new work from Australia shows damage in human sperm. “

Brain cancer is very serious, and therefore, things like Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases. Your brain is the largest organ, so you must think and play it safe. In fact I hope you consider this and think about it.

Lance Winslow is a retired founder of a chain of franchises nationwide, and now runs the line of reflection. Lance Winslow believes 23,444 articles written on June 4, 2011 is difficult because all the letters on the keyboard now vanished ..

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