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Prostate cancer and hormonal treatment options

Cancer Treatment Options

Depending on how prostate cancer is progressed, there are different treatment options. In case of early decision, prostate cancer can often be treated successfully, but once it has spread to the surrounding bone, it is often impossible to cure. In this situation, treatment focuses on reducing symptoms and prolonging life.

Prostate cancer is slowly developing cancer and can take up to 15 years to spread from the prostate to the surrounding bone. Therefore, many men die from other causes without knowing they have cancer. There are many different treatment options, and if diagnosed with prostate cancer they will get the opinion of specialists. The final decision for your treatment will always be your own good.

Option 1 – Surveillance: If the cancer is diagnosed early, when it does not cause symptoms, it may be possible to wait to see if symptoms appear. Due to the slow growth of prostate cancer, it is often suitable for older men.

Option 2 – Active Waiting: This is similar to Option 1, but is recommended for young men. The cancer will be monitored for signs of spreading outside the prostate. If this is the case, treatment will be required. If you do not, you may not need to undergo treatment.

Option 3 – Treatment: If cancer requires treatment there are many more options, including radical prostatectomy, which is where the prostate is extracted, radiation therapy in cancer cells are destroyed by radiation, hormone therapy and chemotherapy. They all have their own side effects, and you will always be able to choose whether to receive a certain treatment or not.

As I said, there are many treatment options for prostate cancer and hormone therapy is one of them. It is often used with other treatments, such as radiation therapy before or after other treatments. This helps increase the chances of success of other treatments. In some cases, however, it is used alone, as it can reduce the growth of prostate cancer by reducing symptoms.

How does hormone therapy?

Prostate cancer using testosterone (a hormone) to develop, which reduces the amount of testosterone or blocking its effects on the body, the cancer can stop or slow down. Usually, testosterone does not cause problems, but if there are cancer cells in the prostate they stop growing or shrink when they no longer have access to it.

Side effects of prostate cancer hormone treatment: sweating, fatigue, weight gain, loss of sexual desire. This is due to the absence of testosterone blockade, but usually occurs after the hormone treatment ends. Another side effect is mood swings – Some men get depressed during hormone treatment, and are more emotional than usual. This can put additional pressure on not just the man but those around them.


Hormone therapy is often used in combination with other treatments, and your specialist will be able to advise you on the best course of action. Other treatments may include “radical prostatectomy” that removes prostate therapy and radiation that seeks to eliminate cancer cells by using radiation. Each has its own set of possible side effects.

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