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Pediatric brain tumors and brain cancer change the definition of normal

For most of us today started like any other day. We will try our coffee, skim milk in the morning paper, placing children in school and perform the rituals that make up normal everyday life. The good, the bad, and yes, even the little ugly, cover everything with confidence and a sense of comfort, knowing that tomorrow, as routine as can be, let’s do it again.

However, for many families throughout the United States today will be different. Today will be a change of life.

Today …

• Nine families learn their child has a brain or spinal cord tumor;
• Three families mourn the loss of their child to this terrible disease, and
• Six families of transition for survival.

Each year about 3400 children in the United States are diagnosed with a brain tumor or brain cancer. Approximately one third of these children do not survive more than five years, making it the most deadly of all childhood cancers. For the families of these children will never be another “normal” day. Their days are filled with medical appointments, treatment options, and learn to function in a new definition of “normal”.

Fortunately, hope is eternal. The survival rate of children with brain tumors and brain cancer has increased dramatically in the last twenty years. Advances in research have led to better treatments, improve quality of life and long-term prospects for these young patients. However, survival does not bring a new set of unique challenges. Treatments may cause adverse effects in the final of the survivors, the effects ranging from cognitive impairment, physical problems, social isolation.

Partnerships between nonprofit organizations, research foundations and major medical institutions have proven to be an instrument in the fight against these types of cancer in children. By joining forces, these groups are able to connect very best to keep looking forward, to create awareness and provide support to patients and families in need.

Several nonprofit organizations have been created in recent years to assist families who are in the way of new life very difficult. Most of these groups provide resources for education, medical care and financial services, and much needed emotional support through a variety of outreach programs for families and special events.

These nonprofit organizations are working tirelessly in their struggle to make pediatric brain tumors and brain cancer a disease of the past. They are always looking for research partners, corporate sponsors and private foundations to support the ongoing investigation. Individual donations are also critical to the success of these organizations. While much remains to be done and progress is being made, the need to create awareness, fund research and support is ongoing.

A quick Internet search and a few mouse clicks you land at the site of one of those devoted to nonprofit organizations. Once there, you’ll probably find a lot of valuable information and resources and opportunities to help. Why not spend some time today to learn more about this devastating disease? Maybe make a donation, or even register as a volunteer. Not only can help redefine “normal” for these children and their families, it might just change your own idea of ??”normal” too.

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