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Pain in the chest and back

A combination of chest and back should be taken seriously because it can be fatal. Chest pain, in particular, can serve a number of threats to the health emergency, including but not limited to a heart attack, pneumonia, angina, pulmonary embolism, or cancer. Get a doctor or go to hospital as soon as possible.
Pay attention to your chest pain and symptoms of back pain. Take note of the details of his condition, if possible. This can help diagnose your condition the most effective treatment, especially if this is your first experience with these symptoms.
The main determination to make is whether the pain experience is the immediate result of a strain or injury, or sign long-term or chronic illness.
Temporary pain
An important point to remember is that any severe muscle tension can affect the muscle groups to their side. muscles of the upper back and chest muscles work together in many of the effects of breathing. muscle injuries usually heal within weeks.
chest pain, sometimes with back pain due to injury of the spinal cord, causing fire the nerve endings in other parts of the body. A pinched nerve in the middle region of the upper spine is a common cause of back pain and chest.
If an intervertebral disc disease or bone that is causing the pain, chest pain will be resolved once the back pain is treated and relieved. Similarly, if the chest is damaged or broken, often severe pain that appears at the top.
membrane damage is a common cause of back and chest pain together. From the heart and diaphragm model same pain, the problems of the diaphragm produces chest pain and tightening at the top.
Chronic Pain
Often chest pain and back pain occur together when grown inflammation and pain spread to other parts of the body. It can also happen when someone with heart disease had a heart attack. pulmonary inflammation or infection, such as pleuritis, is another possible cause. Chronic pain of this nature, even have a psychological basis. When the upper back and chest injuries at the same time, it can be difficult to know what is really happening and what is often a test to sort things out.
Treatments for pain
If breathing is painful, then you may need encouragement to find a model that reduces pain. More than slow, deep breaths can be less painful than often less profound. All you can do to promote relaxation and to avoid moving the body in positions that increase pain, it is always advisable.
The drugs can provide short term relief of inflammation and other symptoms. The rest can alleviate suffering. Cold or warm compresses to the site may relieve the pain and grief.
Various forms of massage can provide some relief, and some have found that chiropractic care help. Both massage and chiropractic place an emphasis on spinal alignment and muscle stretching.
When this type of pain due to heart disease or a similar condition, changes in lifestyle may be necessary to relieve pain in the long term. These changes could include exercise and diet. Again, the main thing to remember about the back and chest pain together is for an exam by a qualified physician immediately.

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