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New LASEK laser eye surgery offers maximum security and Vision

LASEK eye surgery is a laser procedure to correct refractive errors. Is a hybrid of LASIK and PRK, the two most commonly performed corrective eye surgery laser. Is introduced with the hope to minimize complications and maximize the benefits of laser eye surgery. That is why is safe and effective.
The process of conventional LASIK and LASEK has led to the creation of an epithelial flap and the flap is connected back to the cornea after laser is applied to the cornea. The difference between these two is how to create the flap. LASEK surgery depends on a weak alcohol solution to form a thin epithelial flap. Whereas LASIK uses a microkeratome or a type of blade to cut through the cornea, leading to a flap thickness and therefore cause more complications. With a thin flap, LASEK has reduced some of the complications of LASIK flap, but unfortunately not completely eliminate them.
LASEK laser eye surgery, which in turn, is similar to the previous version, but just skips the part where the flap is repositioned in the eye. This new practice is safer because it requires no cutting and no flap procedure. Therefore, the components related complications are eliminated. It can safely treat patients is not a good candidate for LASIK. This includes patients with large pupils, thin corneas, astigmatism flat, irregular, and the chances of developing dry eye.
He also asked to ensure that a person wearing contact lenses in a period of 20 years. As you may know that the use of contact lenses is not without risk and carries some risk of losing sight of eye infection from improper cleaning of the port during the night, and storage networking. This risk may seem small, but if accumulated in recent years, the risk of vision loss will be higher than LASEK. Furthermore, the contact lens solution contains chemicals that can be potentially harmful in the long term and the eyes are exposed to these chemicals every time you turn the lens.
So how are the results? The results are striking. This new technique gives the patient a clearer vision. After LASEK, vision may be stronger than anything on glasses or contact lenses. Some patients can even see better than 20/20. He also said that small halos and glare at night.
The only drawback of the latter LASEK is the recovery time takes a few days as LASIK and the patient should be more consistent with longer duration of medication for a few weeks to several months. After a good after care and advice of doctors to ensure treatment success.
With this uncut, no shutter, LASEK laser eye surgery vision correction laser is now safer and at the same time, yields better results. Therefore, it will open more doors for those who want to enjoy life without glasses and contact lenses.

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