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Low back pain – acute and chronic

The most common of all types of back pain is the pain in his lower back.
As with any type of pain there are two different types (and back pain is no exception): acute and chronic.
acute back pain is often a problem that can occur normally over time.
chronic back pain, however, may be responsible for pain that lasts a lifetime and chronic back pain that diminishes the quality of life for anyone who suffers.
In this article we will address the problems posed by acute low back pain and chronic low back pain and we will discuss some methods to get rid of pain.
Back pain is one of the most common medical conditions that send even the toughest among us in our medical office. Statistically, it has a very good chance at some point in their lives who suffer from a kind of low back pain. In fact, this condition is responsible for more sick leave and / or absent from work than any other condition.
The causes of acute low back pain are often very different from the causes of chronic back pain.
The acute low back pain (as with any type of pain) is generally caused by one event or circumstance that is easily remembered and described by the afflicted.
Situations such as accidents, heavy lifting or a fall can cause severe back pain due to trauma that places the incident in a particular body part.
With acute back pain, most often, can be solved through physiotherapy, massage or other healing process over time.
chronic back pain, however, is another story. It is most often the result of long-term degeneration of the bones that form the base. There are several degenerative causes may be the reasons we experience chronic pain in his lower back.
The disks that make up the spine can be hernia. This will cause chronic back pain more intense. Many times this type of case tends to last the life of an individual, although the effects on quality of life can be relieved by chiropractic visits, therapy and surgery, maybe.
When it comes to diagnosing a case of chronic lumbago, and assess its severity, doctors may use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to determine the extent of the damage. In assessing the results of the MRI, doctors can better diagnose what causes back pain. This gives the doctor a better idea of ??what type of treatment involved and what you can do to prevent pain from occurring in the future.
The list of reasons why a person has low back pain, imaging and magnetic resonance imaging performed is very important when it comes to identifying the problem.
Beyond the different types of physical therapy, anti-inflammatories or painkillers can be prescribed by your doctor to help reduce swelling and pain. In severe cases in which the discs in the rear are the alignment or swelling, surgery may be needed to relieve or give the pain and discomfort under control.

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