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Laser treatment for permanent hair removal

Waxing is probably one of the most annoying beautification treatments we have to go! There are so many hair removal methods, most of which can cost a fortune for constant maintenance and cause us pain. However, we always do.

Shaved: May cause nasty cuts and makes sensitive skin and shaving rash.
Threading: It stings a bit and the area around the eyebrows turned pink for a few hours.
Bleaching: The only colors the hair and does not eliminate it. Tingling while working bleach is normal, but not too painful.
Pinch: It is slow, tedious and painful and not recommended for large areas of hair. Incorrect plucking can cause ingrown hairs.
Shaving: It does not feel very well, they are messy and time consuming.
Wax: There is a possibility that wax treatments will prove to be moderately painful because the hair is plucked at the root and can also cause ingrown hairs.

These methods are time and what is worse, the results are only temporary treatments must be repeated month after month.

Electrolysis: You can permanently remove hair, but it is a very slow method, stretched and painful and disturbing, can sometimes result in scarring.
Laser Hair Removal: It will cost a little more, but the results will last a lifetime and it will save money over time because you will not have to pay constantly for razors, creams or waxing strips.

Perhaps this is why so many people, men and women are beginning to turn to laser hair removal as a permanent solution. This is a very popular method of permanent hair removal for women, and increasingly men.

The use of laser hair removal, hair is removed permanently from:

Upper lip: There is nothing wrong with a nice mustache but not a woman! upper lip hair seems most noticeable in women with dark hair, but if white or brown, everyone finds annoying.
Menton: Women despair when the hair on the chin appears. They can germinate in young or elderly women. They get ripped quickly, but over time inevitably one another grows in its place! The only problem is that when pushed, they seem to come back thicker.
Forearm: sleeveless tops and dresses are not really a good idea when you have hairy forearms. Accessorising is also a minefield where bracelets and watches shoot your arm hair.
Underarm: In most cultures, people consider women with armpit hair unhealthy and unsightly. Most ordinary people would rather hairless armpits!
Legs: In winter you can hide the hairy legs under pants and socks. But summer comes and it’s time for the annual ritual of revealing legs and all who want to have hair free. They are a must when you apply self-tanner, for a smooth and uniform application.
bikini line: take an untrimmed bikini line is the nightmare of every woman. Shaving can cause skin rashes and bumps and waxing can irritate the skin and cause small lumps of chicken skin “” around hair follicles.
Back: It affects men and some women. Of all the places that body hair germ, for men in the back is probably the most universally despised. It seems that some women approve chest hair, but filled with a receding hairline is definitely not a good look!

Laser technology laser hair removal offers a safe and effective way to remove unwanted body and facial hair, permanently!

The pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the laser energy, which is then converted into heat, causing thermal damage to the follicle level, without damaging the surrounding skin. This results in hair growth stops at the damaged follicle.

Treatment times depend on the area, from 10 minutes to 45 minutes lip back. Most customers experience minimal discomfort; Some may experience a burning sensation as minor pulses of laser skin treatment.

A topical anesthetic cream makes them more comfortable treatments.

Only 30% of hair is usually in the growth phase at some point and the laser can address these. Therefore, to achieve long-term results are a number of treatments required.

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