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Knowing Syphilis and its dangers

Syphilis is available in several stages; if it is treatable, untreated syphilis can be dangerous. Untreated syphilis can be transferred in various forms, can be sexually non -sexually, congenitally, etc. Untreated syphilis can be fatal too. Syphilis can mimic certain diseases, allowing you to acquire the name of the great imitator.

Treponema pallidum is the causative agent of syphilis. Syphilis can be acquired by direct contact with an infected person canker; lips, mouth, vagina, external genitals or rectum. The transmission of syphilis by sex can be either sex, anal or oral sex. For people with syphilis pregnant, your baby is at risk for congenital syphilis at birth.

The common belief of contracting syphilis touching objects that have been touched or used by an infected person, such as toilets, jacuzzi, swimming pools, utensils or person even door handles are a great misunderstanding of its means of transmission.

In the first stage, the first symptom of syphilis that is available is visually canker or wrong. Usually out at 21 days after infection; this manifests as a painless sore, small, round and firm. But this first symptom is often misdiagnosed as an insect bite or other skin diseases of this type. This could be a good justification for why some people are still mixing everything with syphilis being treated.

An outbreak of syphilis is the second of the symptoms of syphilis and secondary syphilis mark. It usually occurs in the feet or palms of the head and not itchy. Sometimes pox can occur throughout the body or as a heat rash. The rash lasts for a few weeks and disappears by itself as the first symptom of a cold sore. Mild fever, headache, fatigue, hair loss, and sore throat can also be experienced in the secondary stage of syphilis.

After the second stage of syphilis, which passes through the two symptoms and still not treated, syphilis is now back in their internal organs and causes dysfunction in these organs. At this stage of the disease, syphilis became asymptomatic. Although the disease is not transmissible during this stage, giving a damage to internal organs is more likely to be irreversible.

In the final, chaotic stage of syphilis, death is now an option, provided syphilis infection in their bodies have spread and caused much damage. Many complications come into the picture, as permanent brain damage caused by neurosyphilis (syphilis is now in your brain).

Of all the complications and the end of the chaotic syphilis, the positive side of whatever it is very treatable and curable with antibiotics. If you have any of the symptoms and have unprotected sex, you should now be looking to go if syphilis screening in a hospital or an STD clinic. The diagnosis is fast with a blood test.

The syphilis-be aware and vigilant of the symptoms of syphilis, as it can be very fatal. Over the disease at present.

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