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Keys to deal with anxiety attacks

By the time you finish reading this article you will learn useful than 5 buttons you can use to cope with your anxiety attacks, including something as simple as a change in lifestyle. So if you want to learn these keys valuable, useful, be sure to read this article that point to the end.
Anxiety attacks are not fun
If you suffer from anxiety attacks, I need not tell you how it can affect your life. Although most attacks probably 15 minutes or less, those 15 minutes can be hell. You may experience sweating, flushing and cold, stomach problems, dizziness, shortness of breath and chest pain itself. Worse, you may feel your mind has suddenly gone blank, and only come to a standstill.
Consult your health care provider
Of course, if you suffer from severe attacks, you should consult a doctor who will most likely recommend a combination of therapy and prescription.
1. List
However, if the attack is mild or moderate, a way of dealing with anxiety attacks suggested by many experts is to make lists. You see, sometimes, if you write the things I fear, in contrast to the things that make you feel calm and happy can give you something to think about if you start to panic.
2. Accept what is happening
Another good thing to do is accept the fear and panic – to accept and recognize the panic attack. Understand what is and can not really hurt.
3. The use of coping statements
With this in mind, you can use the instructions for the attack surface of anxiety – in which to talk about yourself and statements to repeat as
– Nobody has died of an anxiety attack
– I will let my body do its job. This will
– I can be anxious and still deal with this situation
– Not feeling very well, but can cope
4. Care
A balanced lifestyle and healthy environment can play an important role in the crisis of anxiety. For example, one thing you can do is to adopt healthy eating habits. Start your day with a hearty breakfast and continue with several small meals if the day. If you stay too long without eating, your blood sugar is low, which can cause anxiety and irritability.
5 Limit consumption of sugar and caffeine
Another good thing you can do to control anxiety attack is to reduce or stop drinking caffeinated beverages, including tea, coffee and soft drinks. Caffeine can cause anxiety definitely interfere with your sleep and even cause a panic attack. In addition, desserts and snacks can make your blood sugar spike, which can make you feel physically and emotionally exhausted.

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