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Just look at the raw food diet

Have you heard about the raw food diet, but you do not understand what this is all about? This is a regime that is based on the belief that the healthiest foods you should take are raw foods.

While you should eat more food if raw, you are allowed to heat; However, you must ensure that the food temperature does not exceed 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

Foods to eat

There are many different foods you can eat. For example, you can choose to eat raw animal products such as raw milk cheese, ceviche, sashimi and raw milk. You can also choose to eat raw agricultural products such as beans, nuts and legumes.

If you decide to take the raw beans, walnuts, seeds and legumes should be soaked in order to release nutrients. You should soak the food overnight and then rinse.

You must then germinate at room temperature until they germinate. After germination, you should drain well. You must then store in an airtight container in the refrigerator up to 5 days.

Besides soaking and germination can dehydrate food. Here you must heat food using a dehydrator to stimulate sun drying. This method is ideal when you want dried tomatoes, raisins, bread, pasta, fruit and kale chips.

Going on a diet of raw foods

You should start by identifying the raw foods you want to take. If you feel you need to take fresh fruits and vegetables, you need to ensure that fruits and vegetables are the freshest and organic as you can find. To avoid boring you should think about a variety of fruits and vegetables you should take.

After identifying the foods that you should take, you should start introducing your diet slowly. To create variety, then you should be prepared in different ways. For example, instead of taking a whole fruit, you should consider getting a juice out of it.


This is what you need to know about raw food diet. Since everyone is different, you should not start taking a food just because you heard that your best friend has taken the same meal. Before taking first talking to your doctor who will give you the best food for your particular situation.

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