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It will offer food labels make people more healthy changes?

The answer is simple: no. While the First Lady and the FDA may have good intentions , revisions must be systemic markers of front food stop confusing the public. Changes in nutrition labeling (described below) are a start, but the proposed changes have some major flaws . And what about all statements misleading health claims about this product “can help reduce the risk of _____ ” and “made with whole grain grams __ “?

Have you read food labels ? If so , you may be looking for a new format sometime in the coming years. For the first time in 20 years, the FDA is proposing changes to the nutrition label . What exactly is changing and, more importantly , it will make an ounce of difference in food people purchase decisions ?

What is proposed ?

In finding out the current label and the label given by hand, are very similar. The most obvious difference is the number of calories per serving. Look closer and there are many changes in the details . Here is what we propose:

• Calories per serving and serve large print increasingly evident

• “added sugars ” in carbohydrates – a ‘ sugar’ natural sugars found in fruits and dairy products and sugar syrup added things like high fructose corn syrup, raw sugar include, evaporated cane juice , etc.

• Adding the amount of vitamin D and potassium trace elements many Americans lack the bottom of the label , such as calcium , iron, vitamin A and vitamin C include currently

• Changes in portion sizes to better reflect what people usually eat or drink . For example, a 20 oz coke bottle contains 2.5 servings , but no divisions to drink your soda in 2.5 days ?

• Adding a daily value for sugar

• Take the ” calories from fat ” line

This will help or hurt ?

It is impossible to say if this will help , hurt, or do nothing at all. Similar to the addition of the amount of calories for restaurant menus way, people who already want to make informed decisions in health are, but is now a little easier. If more people were to pay more attention , fine, but the calories in bold is not enough of a slap in the face to inspire healthier for people who are not willing to options.

Some of the proposed changes is more alarming is changing portion sizes to better reflect what people usually eat or drink . This will not help people who eat less or reduce your portions. Complying with the bad habit of over consumption and trend sizes increasingly larger portions, the FDA is falling standards in lieu of foreclosure . What disservice to the American public.


A. Ensure individual containers and smaller containers. Reduce soda bottles up to 12 ounces and do not hold bags of chips a portion more than 1.5 to 2.5 parts . The same goes nuts, mix and other snacks that people usually eat the whole bag in one sitting . Cost millions , even billions of dollars for the food industry so it is not a realistic solution, but it should be entertaining .

Two . They have portions consistent with MyPlate recommendations serving size. If ½ cup of cooked pasta is a serving , have the same thing in the box of pasta. Keep it simple and keep it consistent so that people can easily transfer MyPlate recommendations to their own base.

my conclusion

I stand by my recommendation that most of our diets should consist of foods that have labels and / or have a single ingredient. Take the confusion decipher the complex food labels and, more importantly , provides a diet rich in nutrient-dense foods . Other than that , pay attention to the calories per serving , helping , and measure your portions. And avoid eating directly from the package!

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