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It is possible to cure hemorrhoids without surgery?

As a pharmacologist and a medical professional, I see so many people every day with hemorrhoid problems. Have on hand a prescription from your doctor and hopefully this time will do the job. However, many of these patients are patients again. They had hemorrhoids for years and just have not disappeared. They were too embarrassed to talk to doctors about this seemingly trivial situation. After all, it’s not like a heart attack or severe skin disease or cancer. And those who have led and took the courage to ask the GP to address the problem often get a puzzled look and says either lose weight or applying the most diligent cream this time somehow implying that it is the fault of the patient They have your hemorrhoid problem in the first place.

The fact is that nearly half of the company will experience some form of hemorrhoids ages 35-50. This is amazing when you think about it. Hemorrhoids should be the most widespread and at the same time as the medical issue more “today sub-spoken. However, it is not taken seriously by most of the medical establishment, except by some surgeons. It just does not seem important enough to invest any time to discuss. Wrong! If you are a victim of hemorrhoids you know how they can be annoying and painful hemorrhoids. They can also bleed and can cause distress to see blood on the toilet paper in a pool or in shower. I know because it happened to me many times. It is quite shocking and depressing to see that blood and if you get this too you will know exactly what I mean.

This is normally quite randomly by doctors and I go so far as to say, even irresponsibly. A typical scenario is a patient who has a “light” version of hemorrhoids for a while. They go to the doctor when a cream that may have helped once or mitigates the torch and reduces inflammation in the short term on. Hemorrhoids can calm down for a while, but always flare up again at some point. Therefore, the statements of the patients waiting for the doctor may prescribe a more powerful, different cream. A cream that maybe the patient has not tried before and could produce the desired response miracle. But in vain. It is a vicious circle and an endless circle. When the patient becomes too discouraged, or when the condition gets out of control, such as severe bleeding or inability to function normally, so the doctor referred the patient to a colorectal surgeon or a proctologist. The mere thought of undergoing an operation of this type is frightening for most, if not extremely unpleasant. The problem with these operations is that they are a “quick fix”. Or hemorrhoids are cut off or frozen or ligate then using a tape (tapes), or if internal hemorrhoids are the staples of the inner wall of the rectum. In all cases, these operations are followed by a significant amount of pain, infection and discomfort. The real disappointment comes after the recovery period when “shock and horror” hemorrhoids look back. How can this happen? Did not the operation?

The answer to this question is very simple. The operation, which was, it was a “quick fix”. It does not address the underlying problem that caused primarily hemorrhoids. There are a number of factors that cause hemorrhoids to form first, or exacerbate an existing situation. This could be overweight, poor diet, high blood pressure, smoking, lack of exercise, excess room, and constipation, drink drink irritants such as alcohol, caffeinated drinks and soft drinks. Neither PM nor the surgeon with respect to the last. Or sit with the patient and considered the issue in depth. Just send patients away telling them lose weight or eat more vegetables and give them a recipe for another cream is not just good enough. If a person really suffers and is ready to make the necessary changes to heal, so the save unnecessary probably will not solve the long term problem anyway. There are a number of specific exercises I developed really help strengthen the muscles around the anus. There is a way to clean your bottom in the toilet so that the area is kept clean and does not itch, and there is something very necessary that you have to do with hemorrhoids after using the bathroom all day. There is also a very easy diet to follow will shed tons of weight on you and there is also a specific sleeping position that will help you sleep and cure hemorrhoids at night. If you are serious enough to prove this and follow the information found in the directory, you do not just stop your hemorrhoids worse, but actually going to cure and reverse the situation. That’s right. It is absolutely possible to reverse the situation of hemorrhoids without surgery.

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