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Is Medicare covers dental care?

The answer to the question “Medicare dental coverage?” It is both simple and complex. In short, you should expect to pay 100% of dental services you receive. Medicare does not cover routine dental procedures such as fillings, extractions, cleanings, exams or dentures.

The complicating factor is that a section of the Social Security Act that allows Medicare to pay for services related to periodontal (gum) and structures of the alveolar bone (tooth sockets). The type of service provided and the physical structures involved are grade items to determine if Medicare covers part or all of these expenses. It has to do with the merits of dental care, or the need for procedures. While this may cause some confusion, it is clear that every day of your appointment with the dentist for routine dental care or preventive are not covered by Medicare.

Some of the treatments that Medicare will cover include:

Certain surgical procedures to reconstruct an advantage while the removal of a tumor.
Wiring of the teeth if it is part of the repair of a fractured jaw.
Withdrawals are made in preparation for radiation treatment involving the mandible.
Hospital stays can be covered if necessary for emergency dental procedures, even if the specific dental are not covered.
Most dental treatments that are essential for a procedure that is covered, such as jaw reconstruction after injury.
Dental splints may be covered if they are part of the treatment of a medical condition that is covered, as the dislocated jaw joints.
In certain circumstances, the tests before major surgery such as heart valve replacement or kidney transplants. The review, but the treatment is covered by the study is to identify the risk of infection before surgery or complex.
Hospital, if the severity of dental treatment requiring hospitalization. But not paying for dental care themselves.
Infections after dental extractions can be covered.
Inpatient hospital observation if necessary due to a threat to health.

Whether it is a dental procedure in the dentist’s office or hospital. If a dental procedure is covered, Medicare covers care regardless of where performed.

Some dental procedures are covered by private Medicare supplement insurance. In these situations, you should certainly consult with your insurance provider to clarify the coverage. Often, specific treatment, such as tooth extraction, can be covered, but dentures or follow-up care will be excluded.

The short answer will tell you that dental services are covered if they are necessary to protect your health in general. But your dental health is not specifically covered by Medicare.

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