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Ion treatment to restore damaged hair

The search for beautiful hair made people experiment with different types of treatments and solutions. After these experiences, many have ended with curly hair curled over time. There are many others, however, for which the problematic hair is a biological problem. No matter what the reason for your hair problems, you can take heart from the fact that there are a number of options, such as ion treatment that can help you get the hair you’ve always wanted.

Ion hair treatments are increasingly choosing to cope with hair problems. These treatments include the use of products that use the principles of chemistry dealing with hair problem and change its texture. In hair is normal, there is a perfect balance of positive and negative ions. Braids damaged, however, causes the hair to have positive ions and the balance factor with negative non-existent or negligible.

Ion therapy is the use of tools and therapies emitting negative ions which interact properly to balance the load. The end result is a beautiful and healthy hair. The following treatments are available for ion restore the ionic balance and get beautiful hair.

Ion Irons

Common types of plates are nonionic models. In flat iron ions, however, negative ions are combined with infrared heat to the soft, smooth and extremely fast hair without heat damage. Flat irons emitting negative ions which are in a way that repackages the hair shaft to evenly distribute heat and replace the previously ion imbalance would have caused frizzy or rough. Ion plates are quite safe and can be used without worrying about other damage hair. After all, it is an option to treat damaged hair and if used correctly, will not cause damage.

Ionic Dryer

Negative ions are emitted by an ion hair dryer reseal the hair cuticle and restore the balance of hair, breaking water molecules into damp hair and bring them to penetrate the hair shaft into microscopic particles. This leaves extra bright and hydrated and healthy hair. All ion hair dryer is full negative regardless of the energy of the ions of the price. Therefore, this option is not limited to an elite who want to have beautiful hair. Get rid of your traditional hair dryer and opt for an ionic hair dryer for a beautiful, shiny hair that will be the envy of all.

Ion Beauty Products

Creams and serums that help to correct the imbalance of ions in the hair are available. They are best used in conjunction with plates of ions or ionic dryer. Although these products emit negative ions that are infused into the hair during use, conditioners, serums, creams and other products for hair beauty ions used to block these ions in the hair. This improves the treatment effect of ions and also helps restore natural moisture level of the hair. The best way to find the right product ions beauty is to consult your stylist and suggestions.

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