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In my life I have received and given hundreds of massages. While this does not make me an expert in massage, there are some things I’ve learned in recent years about subtle energy exchange happens before, during and after treatment. As a practicing psychic, who loves to get the job done body, I am very picky about who I have to work on me. When choosing a therapist, I want them to have a conscious presence. I appreciate a therapist with a conscious intention that massage is positive, healing, relaxing and therapeutic. Be addition to physical contact, there is a transfer of energy that occurs during a session. I want this exchange of energy is positive. It is important for me to choose a massage therapist I trust to hold a “sacred space”, so you can relax and relieve any tension or stress and feel safe on the table. I learned discernment after experiencing some massages I have had a negative impact and left me feeling empty.

Some massage therapists are more intuitive than others and can “read” the needs of my body and my emotional state before you even talk to them. Other massage therapists do their job, give a massage, but it is a much more independent and automatic place. Your heart may be with or who may not have developed the additional sensitivity to guess what I need. Unfortunately, other body workers may also have their own agenda that affects the nature of the healing massage. My goal is to get a massage let go and open to experience, so you can relax and deepen the reception of the transmission of healing. I am not there at the table to teach, entertain, stimulate and please my therapist. When booking a massage, it is because I feel exhausted, stressed or in pain and want to relax. It is important to select a therapist who resonates with me.

Many massage therapists are quite intuitive psychic and receive messages, images and causes pain in the patient’s body. They may return to an old car accident or injury because they work silently on the client. This ability to psychically “read” energy field of the client can develop over time. As a massage therapist for many years, I realized that my intuition becomes stronger and stronger that I could share bits of information I received while working in the patient’s body. Some massage is done in silence or play soft music. There is a grace that is happening in tranquility. When I open and listen to the messages the client’s body, I have learned about their emotional and spiritual needs, and the needs of the pain and stiffness of his body. I studied energy work and learned to lead a universal source of energy healing and therapeutic touch muscle while massaging. This combination of energy healing and therapeutic touch a positive effect for customers.

This exchange of subtle energy before, during and after a massage can make the difference between a feeling of freshness and relaxation of a positive change or exhausted and suffered a negative return. Choose your massage therapist carefully. Instead of basing your selection on the powers, sharpen their intuitive sense of the person and if they are a “coincidence” of vibration for you or not. A massage can be a sacred sacred gift that energizes and heals the deepest levels. Choose carefully.

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