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Infection with hepatitis B during pregnancy

In some countries, hepatitis B infection is more common during pregnancy. They can also be infected by the hepatitis B virus in his / her childhood. To gain some control over this method of transmission of hepatitis means having a very good idea about the infection of hepatitis B during pregnancy.

This knowledge of hepatitis B infection during pregnancy offers a good view of some of the following:

– The type of carrier of the hepatitis mortality;

– The effect of hepatitis B birth process;

– Most importantly, the ability of the hepatitis virus to be transmitted to the fetus;

There are tests that can display can show seroprevelance hepatitis B in a pregnant woman. Infection with hepatitis can be acute or chronic. Acute infection with hepatitis B infection means that this occurred only during pregnancy and the person was healthy, while chronic infection indicates that infection with the Hepatitis B virus is before pregnancy.

Studies have shown that infection with hepatitis B pregnant women and the percentage of non-pregnant women with hepatitis B can not perdilect is almost the same with those premises. Moreover, the acute form of hepatitis B has no more severe symptoms in pregnant women than nonpregnant women.

Symptoms of viral hepatitis are the same: fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting. The last two symptoms of hepatitis can also be confused with the symptoms of pregnancy in women who do not suffer from hepatitis. If hepatitis resolved before there is an injury to the large liver, symptoms of hepatitis can be passed to or flu symptoms and the effects of pregnancy itself. In most cases, symptoms of acute hepatitis will in about six weeks.

If a pregnant woman is suffering from acute hepatitis, which can lead to premature delivery, especially if it is in the last quarter. However, this has little or no effect on the fetus.

Chronic hepatitis is a very serious disease with no symptoms. A person can develop hepatitis symptoms when the disease has done much damage to the liver. Most women who become pregnant, they discover that suffer from chronic hepatitis after going to an obstetrician.

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