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I love being an omnivore – Enjoying a nice piece of meat with my fruits and vegetables is healthy

Did you know that you are required to know the cockroach ? That is true. How in the world we are as human beings in relation to a cockroach ? The two are ” omnivores ” . So next time you smash one of these lovely creatures , if it bothers you ? H — no! What they have in common with us is the fact that they eat plants and other living things more than that, we are light years away .

True, as omnivores we need, must have both meat and plants to maintain a healthy body. Carnivores and herbivores must live only meat plants. Omnivores are better survivors, because they can only live plants or just meat for long periods of time, but sooner or later , must have both in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle . Numerous proteins , which carry the essential amino acids in meat are most of the work in cells and are required for the structure , function and regulation of organs and tissues . Some proteins are found in plants, but do not have the essential amino acids needed for cell growth and other functions. Plants ( vegetables and fruits ) have many enzymes , vitamins , minerals and important ” FIBER . ” We have to keep all these many functions that occur in our body with protecting the body against disease, infection and just plain old aging.

The American diet in most cases, has a lot of protein from meat , but fruits and vegetables , especially raw , are hard to find . Many American dishes are highly processed foods with a lot more meat than vegetables. Fruits and vegetables high lose much of their food. Highly processed usually means cooking, add oil , add sugar , add salt or all of the above . Many vitamins and enzymes in plants are lost when heated. Given that our body needs only 6 teaspoons of sugar per day and less salt , add more sugar and salt in our diet is literally is making us . With respect to the oils used in food processing , most are saturated and are almost impossible to digest . Oh , yes, these saturated oils do wonders for your heart.

Comfort is the key driver when it comes to the American diet and the taste is in second place . Security is running . As I said before , ” omnivores, must have both to maintain a healthy lifestyle . ” In most cases, Americans get plenty of protein , but the lack of good raw vegetables and fruits makes us sick . What I mean “sick ? ” What about cancer , diabetes and heart disease for beginners. What do you think the flow re acid and many other digestive disorders per second.

I write these articles to make Americans aware of the seriousness of our food. Do not blame the restaurants or other food businesses , are not those who buy and eat the food itself . This is our search for comfort and taste that keeps these businesses alive. Eat only healthy foods and these companies are going to change or go bankrupt .

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