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How to protect your skin

The hardness of the summer and winter can wreak havoc on the state of our skin. To care for your skin throughout the year in all seasons, the use of these simple tips to protect your skin from within and outside the body:
Drink water constantly throughout the day – at least two liters or 8 glasses. In hot weather, you’ll probably need more than your body uses more water to regulate body temperature.
If it is difficult to drink water throughout the day, increasing intake of “High Water” – fruits, salads and vegetables.
Beverages such as alcohol, coffee and traditional tea has a dehydrating effect on the body. Despite being rich in water, other ingredients in these drinks require the use of water to metabolize. The overall effect is one of dehydration rather than hydration of the body.
Develop a daily routine in which cleanse tone and moisturize your skin morning and night to keep it in perfect condition. Even if you’re on this routine, it is never too late and after a few weeks, chances are you will be more than satisfied with the results.
Do not take risks – the skin is burned damaged skin. During the summer, the habit of applying a high SPF sunscreen regularly.
Reapply Sun before and after swimming, and remember that UV rays can get on cloudy days and while in the shade.
Between 11 and 15 hours and take extra precautions to stay at home or in the shade to avoid the hot sun of the day.
Sprits your face regularly throughout the day.
Choose loose clothing, cotton, silk or linen to allow perspiration to evaporate naturally.
Use a soft hat to keep the heat from your head.
End the day with a generous application of sunscreen after – aloe vera soothing is more efficient.

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