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How To Manage Migraine Pregnancy

Migraine Pregnancy

Migraine and being pregnant at the same time is a frustrating experience, especially at a time when you can not take any medication, even the most ordinary headache from the tablet. You should know how to handle migraine pregnancy if you want it to function properly on a daily basis.

To manage migraine, you need to know what triggers migraine, how to avoid these triggers and how to understand migraine, keeping a record of migraines.

What triggers your migraines?

As with all illnesses, different things or situations can trigger a migraine. These triggers may differ from one person to another. It is important that you know what triggers your migraines.

Foods like chocolate, cheese, fried foods, foods with preservatives or additives; Beverages such as tea, coffee or red wine; Situations like sleep or fatigue too little or too much; Sensory effects, such as flashing lights, strong odors, loud noises; Drug-related stress, suffering from hunger due to irregular eating habits and even weather can trigger migraine.

You have to see what actually triggers your migraines for what you know and can avoid them if at all possible.

Saving your migraines

Keeping track of your activities before a migraine will help you understand the cause / s so you can act earlier or avoid it in the future.

You can carry a notebook where you can make a list of your migraine headaches, such as:

· When it occurred (date / time) migraine
· What activities do you do before it happens
· What foods you have eaten or what to eat at the moment
· What they have consumed at the moment
· How were you before it started, if you were tired or did not sleep well?
What drug (s) did you take
· Assessing the severity of migraine
· Note about anything that may be different or new to you

Keep in mind that migraine may come from a combination of triggers, so be sure to record everything.

How To Prevent Migraine Triggers

According to records that have been collected over time, you can determine what triggers your migraines. You can then start to prevent and prevent migraines with the information you have now. You should continue to save your migraines so you can also distinguish the previous Migraine News and if you are able to make improvements. Your recordings will also be useful if you have more than one shot or a combination of these.

Having the pregnancy migraines and being able to find the cause / s without the need for drugs is the key to your and your child’s safety.

If you are pregnant and suffering from severe headaches, you may want to learn more about migraine

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