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How reflexology can help with arthritis

Arthritis can be a debilitating, painful and annoying problem. It is often considered a sign of aging, but it is not really a single condition. First, it is not exclusive to the elderly and is not a symptom of aging guaranteed. In fact, it is often a problem caused by the environment and lifestyle.
If it does not deal with your body and stay fit and healthy then you become more vulnerable to arthritis as they age. Likewise, you may suffer from the disease after an injury or incident.
In this piece, we see how reflexology can help arthritis condition, and how effective it is as a standalone treatment or other therapies.
What are the causes of arthritis!
Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints often caused by wear. That is why it is more common in older people, but you can find quite often in athletes and sedentary people in racing.
There are many different types of the condition and the many ways you can suffer, such as disease, injury and disease. The main symptoms are pain in the joints, often the feet and hands.
We now have a better understanding about arthritis, we are in good position to examine the effectiveness of reflexology treatment can be with arthritis, initially as a separate option and as adjunctive therapy with other treatments such as aromatherapy.
As a stand-alone treatment
Research at the University of Portsmouth studied reflexology as an analgesic. The research examined how reflexology decreases pain sensations, causing the body to release chemicals that lesson the pain of substances.
The study found that participants had higher pain threshold and could withstand the pain for a longer period than they could without treatment time.
This would indicate that reflexology is an effective “painkiller” and therefore a useful treatment for a disease such as arthritis. It is not enough to relieve pain this can help, it is also effective to improve sleep, improve circulation and reduce stress levels. They all lead to, healthier, happier welfare would in a good position to fight more effectively against arthritis.
As a complementary therapy
We know that reflexology can be an effective option for people who suffer from the disease, but could be even better in combination with other treatments, such as aromatherapy?
Without going into many details we would have to say that it would make sense to use more than one therapy to treat arthritis. The use of aromatherapy as a perfect example both therapies would combine well.
Many essential oils used in aromatherapy have anti-inflammatory properties that obviously would welcome a victim of the disease. The use of essential oils during a treatment may also help create a relaxing atmosphere that put the patient in a state of mental calm and reduce blood pressure and heart rate

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