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How herbs for diabetes help reduce blood sugar

Some herbs for diabetes can actually improve this common condition with drugs drugs. Treating diabetes with natural herbs can be quite complicated, because more than one aspect of healing are involved. Therefore, you should take some types of herbs for diabetes and Ganoderma lucidum is one of them.

Diabetes occurs when the level of blood sugar is kept permanently at a higher level. It can cause many other diseases such as hypertension, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, ulcers food and even impotence.

The conventional treatment of diabetes drug use drugs to suppress the blood sugar. Before taking herbs for diabetes, you must also start treatment with drugs. Helps reduce blood sugar quickly and maintain it. However, medication does not cure it. Only controls the disease and prevent other health problems associated with it.

There are two groups of drugs.

The first type requires the weakened pancreas to produce more hormone insulin to lower blood sugar levels. The second eliminates the sugar absorption in the intestine, thus maintaining the level of blood sugar.

However, the long-term consumption of drugs against diabetes causes two major side effects. The first is the hardening of blood vessels, stroke and heart disease they cause. The other side effects is interference with the metabolism of fat, causing a patient to become larger.

As you may have noticed, some patients with diabetes in long-term medication are still suffering from kidney failure and stroke. The recommended treatment for diabetes is the combination of Western medicine with herbs prescribed for diabetes according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

TCM looks at diabetes from a different perspective. He refers to diabetes as a disease of extreme heat in the body. TCM is divided into three groups, namely:

The upper (lung) heat
Middle part (stomach) Heat
The bottom (kidney) heat

According to each case, TCM doctor will prescribe the right herbs for diabetes to root out the real cause of this disease. In three cases, the main functions of these medicinal plants are:

Reduce body heat
Improving the energy of the kidneys
Improve the “yin” energy
Stimulate the body’s energy

With these principles of healing, the raw herbs are recommended for diabetes five leaves Ginseng herbs (Rhinacanthus nasutus) and White Crane Lingzhi herbs (Gynostemma pentaphyllum). These medicinal plants effectively reduce body heat of the upper middle and lower. Both can help lower blood pressure and high cholesterol as well.

Cordyceps Sinensis The grass is second. This fungus is precious shown to improve kidney energy. It has been used since ancient times by the Chinese to improve weak body constitution.

The third supplement for diabetes is bee royal jelly. This natural supplement has the highest content of natural hormones. Helps increase “yin” energy body. In TCM, “yin” is associated with a body fluid such as blood, hormones, saliva, tears from the eyes and joint fluid. Therefore, taking royal jelly helps to naturally increase the hormone insulin produced by the pancreas.

Grass is the fourth Ganoderma lucidum. This herb helps stimulate the body’s energy to heal the fourth requirement. Therefore Ganoderma lucidum is one of important weeds for diabetes.

While Ganoderma lucidum alone is not enough, helps improve blood circulation of a patient of diabetes and increase your immune system. This prevents the disease from getting worse.

If a patient can take these four herbs for diabetes drug in the West, the chances of recovery are much greater. However, it should consider the following …

Reduce intake of sugar and sugary foods
Do not get angry and stressful
Exercise regularly

With living above consider taking herbs for diabetes but increase this common disease in the long run.

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